Do you have a friend who you KNOW is better looking than you?


link (i'm on the right)

whenever he and I go partying together, he ALWAYS has chicks hanging all over him JUST because of his looks. I say that because he is a really bizarre guy, no jk. Its funny to me how whenver he and I go partying, I really understand how superficial girls get when they are around him. They all talk to him and ignore everyone else in the room, it's honestly ridiculous.

Girls get jealous of their friends are cuter than they are (dont try to deny that girls). I don't get jelous, I just have the same amount of respect for him and he'll bring the girls (really hot ones) to me too because he's one of my best friends! lol.

It definitely has it's advantages having a good looking friend. It's like I don't have to do half the work of talking to them, because NOW they come to me and my friends.

THE ONLY problem with this is that he attracts some really big sluts that don't want to do with anyone BUT him. Its cool to be around the popular group with the hot girls. But it honestly sucks when they don't pay ANY attention to you, haha.


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  • Looking at your photos, I honestly wouldn't concider your friend, aesthetically more 'blessed' than you, you guys are both good looking young men. However, what I DO see, is that he conducts himself in a completely different manner, his composure is one of confidence; he KNOWS he's hot, thus the sluts THINK he's hot, whereas you seem more modest.

    Young women inpaticular, instinctually like men who are 'powerful' or at least act that they are, who can 'protect' them (femenists, if you're going to winge at me, get f***ed). Which is why your friends 'alpha male' act is getting him the sluts.

    I've seen guys, much less good looking than you( and you're friend), CONSTANTLY having hot chicks hanging off their arm, because they act confident. When they speak about their hobbies, whether it be Starcraft or W.O.W, the speak about it with confidence, and don't feel apologetic for who they are.

    My solution: Be yourself, but be confident. Be loud and proud, and don't let the girls see your self doubt, because as soon as they see any sign of weakness, you've lost them.

    Hope that helps, good luck getting 'sluts' in the future.



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  • Yea, I think both my best friends are hotter than me honestly lol:

    Here's best buddy 1: link

    She's absolutely stunning - Brazilian and English heritage (speaks like 4 languages fluently lol, Portugese is her 1st language.

    Every guy was like in love with her lol She had like 8 boyfriends at different times during our sophomore year of high school lol - (she's still a virgin by the way -) Like getting guys was so effortless for her.

    Here's best buddy 2: link

    Very pretty, has huge boobs lol, big butt all the nice stuff ha ha - she had no problems getting guys either, really cool girl with an awesome personality. Sensual too and flirty.

    Here's me :\ : link

    I've never had a boyfriend :\ guys just didn't come so easily to me as they did for my other friends - even though I had a lot of dude friends. We always just stayed friends lol.

    Things are a little different now - it's not to difficult for me to get guys who are actually interested in me, but I still believe both my bf's are hotter than me ha ha.

    I've never been the jealous type, so when we go out I'm not like crying in the bathroom or getting frustrated if all the dudes are gawking over them. It hurts a bit sometimes but I mean - hey what can you do? Be angry about it? So what, it won't change anything. Just have to deal with the cards your dealt. Sure they have tons of guys on them, but most of the dudes turn out to be jerks. If anything, it saves me the trouble of dealing with the long nights of crying, self hate, confusion and such I have to nurse those two through when they pick the wrong types of guys.

    Plus I mean, having a partner isn't everything; at this point and time, eh, it's better to focus on what direction I'd like my life to take - not trying to collect a bunch of guys nums in my phone lol

    But I love my two best friends to death - wouldn't trade them for the world :D

  • i wouldn't say that he's better looking,he just looks like one of those guys off jersey shore so he attracts club rats.

    and yeah,i do,i have some pretty hot friends lol

    • hahaha club rats is a PERFECT description

  • Yes

    That's life

    I think this is the exact attitude nice guys have, no offense. They complain about not getting attention but they really mean they aren't getting attention from THOSE girls

    • well... what happens when EVERY girl is like "those girls"? lol

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    • No, it's fine that girls like that are your preference. I don't care. I'm simply saying at least you could admit it & not play victim like 95% of the dudes on here do.

    • You're right. I hate how some of these posts have guys that seem to want pity and such.

  • Dude I really loved your question. (5 stars)

    Let me answer this question perfectly.

    Answer to direct question: Yes and No. My opinion about my friends looks differ...most of them think I look better than them or I look around the same attractiveness as it depends on our opinions on each of our looks. I personally find my friend Tiffany with long (to her waist) brown hair and green eyes to be absolutely beautiful...she even has a nice ass too. (no homo, but DAMN) Anyway, she always asked me "girl is my make up right...i think I look a mess..." I always say..."Bitch, you are beautiful...stop talking sh*t." LOL...but that is how we are...I am not jealous of her...but I know she is top notch and obviously more attractive than my opinion.

    I talked to a lot of my guy friends who say they either had a crush on her...or would **** her if they had a chance. I won't lie sometimes I feel like low quality against her, but her being an honest and nice person...she always says I am better looking. LOL..we actually argued...I said..."I have brown eyes and black hair...that is so simple...I am not even all that." She would say "STFU, you are the only girl I know with gold brown eyes...that sparkle...and your hair is a shiny black that looks really beautiful on you..." LOL...I would say "yeah ok...that is why most guys don't hit on me." It is OK though...I know there are other varies on the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I get hit on more than her...sometimes she gets hit on more than me...Honestly, it depends on the dudes.

    For the situation bettween you and your friend: I feel like you are very good looking and so is your friend. I won't lie or just try to compliment you because you asked this question and you sort of feel less atracttive towards your friend. Anyway, I will say why both of you guys are attractive to "me"(some girls might find either of you unappealing...some may only you or your friend appealing.) Well, I feel you friend has beautiful features; nice bone structure, pretty eyes, nice lean body, facial hair (which I like), thick eyebrows (I have a weird fetish), olive toned skin (which I like)...and I guess funny personality...from what I say in the pictures. As for you..I couldn't see much from your pictures..they were sort of small...but I looked on your profile to get more of a visual image. I think you look really cute...I like your eyes they look bigger and I couldn't tell if they were blue...but I like blue eyes, I saw you were lean and you had a more relaxed appeal toward your personality...(which I also liked)...nice smile (<3), thick sort of remind me of this guy... link minus the light blond hair...which is pretty awesome.

    So, don't worry about your looks. I feel those type of girls like guys who are out going...and more expressive...something about that appeals to them. You may not be that type of person...

    • You may be the type who is more reserved and girls don't seem to notice just depends how you carry yourself. Either way it depends on the type of girls..and how you carry yourself...just know...he isn't better looking than you..he just attracts sexy whores. It is better for you to attract beautiful women than sexy whores.

    • even though I didn't ask this question, and wasn't directed towards me, I feel that I've learned A LOT from your statement or story and do things that make me happy :). thx

  • Yeah. I have a friend like that. She is gorgeous. And I mean, perfect looking. When we walk down the street, I see guys looking our way. I look up and they are always staring at her. I'm invisible, when next to her.

    I'm not ugly, rather average. I also lack confidence and I don't dress like her. She doesn't look slutty, but she has this great sense of fashion, that just makes every guy turn to look at her, from head to toe. My clothes are plain and sporty. Unlike her, I always prefer comfortable clothes like sneakers, hoodies, jumpers and high weighst jeans. Not because I'm fat, just because it's comfortable. When I try wearing something "stylish" or "sexy", I act like a kitten who just to it's first collar. I push and pull everything. ^^'

    I do get jealous sometimes. But I prevent myself from continuing to feel like that, by remembering that despite all her flaws and her superiority complex, she tries to be a better person, she loves me like a sister and I feel the same. She's been there for me all her life and I can never feel jealous for too long. I'm happy there is a picture of perfect beauty like her in my life.

    The truth is, when I'm next to her, I mostly get this feeling of lesser value. I feel as if I'm too ugly and that's why I get no male attention. But then I get asked out by guys, I am flirted with, I look in the mirror and I see I'm not as ugly as I feel next to her. I guess I just remind myself that I will one day find a guy who will look past her and give me a shot. A guy who will like me for having a personality he likes, not just for being the prettiest girl he sees.

    Though I am starting to doubt such a guy exists though.

  • Haha yes I do and I love it. She wasn't very attractive when we were little but is now freaking gorgeous and I think that's really cool, how people can change physically but still act the same way. Plus, she has lots of attractive guy friends and is always willing to hook me up!

    • thats a true friend right there

  • I'm not drop dead gorgeous or anything. I still feel cocky for saying this, but I feel like I'm better than some of my friends in the face department, but my friends have better bodies than me. I'm A-cup and about 75% of my friends have huge boobs/ bigger ass.

  • i have friends who are prettier than me, definitely. but the only time I get jealous is if a guy I like likes them. I don't care how many guys they get as long as I get someone (which I usually do have someone who likes me lol). by the way you are definitely cuter than your friend in my opinion.

  • I don't think your friend is that attractive...the one on the left looks hot XD

    But anyways I don't have a lot of girl friends but I do have some that I feel like are prettier than me or have an attitude that guys are more attracted to. It sucks but you have to realize that you will find one that loves how you look and who you are. All you need is one.

    • I just looked at your profile. I would be more attracted to you than him. Maybe he just really knows how to schmooze a girl.

    • oh you'd be suprised how many girls flock to him

  • Honestly, why would you want attention from those type of girls in the first place? Just be yourself, and find interest in the girls that do talk to you. This way, you will find a girl that is right for YOU, not for someone more like your friend. You will be much happier with a girl who cares to get to know you, rather than one who just runs to the best looking guy in the room all the time.

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  • A lot of my friends are better looking than me. Sometimes I think it hurts the attention I get, but I'm not with them all the time so I know that it's not completely them. Overall there are always going to be better looking people out there, but luckily not every girl picks just based off of attractiveness.

    • although about 95% of them do. lol, at least here anyway.

  • I don't have friends that are better looking than me. I don't mean that in a superficial way. We all have features that make us attractive and features that make us unattractive. I like to focus on mine. I'm not jealous of any of my friends traits wise except for one of my good friends who's 6'4 and another one of my friends who has straight green eyes. That's pretty much it.

  • Yeah I do . But where we hang out it looks are just one thing you need. SO it isn't a problem for me. We both get nuff attention from Girls .

    But I have been ignored many times in my life and it just sucks.

  • I was in your situation back in high school. It's not just looks, although it's a part of it. It's something in his attitude that brings all the girls in. If you can identify what he's doing right and you're doing wrong you'll be doing well.

  • I've always observed running with a good crew tends to attract girls on a whole. As long as he is fairly confident and the rest of you guys are too, collectively you guys will do well.

    When I went out to the bars and clubs I noticed my chances with girls went up exponentially depending on the people I went with.

  • funny how you refer to the girls that don't want you as sluts.

    • i label them as sluts because I know all the stories they bring, buddy. haha

  • Frankly, I don't have this problem with girls going to one of my homies and ignoring me.

    And it's not because of my looks that this doesn't happen often.

    This is because of my personality. When I'm in a room, I make my presence known. Not like an obnoxious douchebag, but I will "work myself" into a group's conversation. I shall not be ignored. :)

  • My friend is always on top of everything. Always dressed nice, fresh hair, smells good all that stuff. And he has great looks to begin with. You can totally tell girls (and jealous guys) giving him looks. It's funny to me because he has a girlfriend so it's like nothing will happen, but the other person doesn't know that

  • I wouldn't say they are better looking than me we are all the same. But they all have pretty good personalitys and are really outgoing, I am shy and reserved so I get overlooked.

  • I like it when a set of girls will go after the "hot" guy, because now I know which girls are superficial and who to stay away from.

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