How to know if you're ugly?

please don't say stuff like beauty is in the eye of the beholder we all know that's not true. I can't put my pic up for safety reasons so tell me what are some telltale clues to let me know that people think I'm unattractive


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  • GIRL! Get a grip! You are a wonderful creation and not one of us on here are qualified to tell you what isattractive or un attractive to the one that has been hand picked especially for you! You need to do the best job you can do taking care of yourself and building your self esteem and not through people on this site! When you do, you will attract the kind of guy that should be attracted to you. Confidence is everything and if you are exuding none, there is your demise! P.S. I am a little overwieght, with a big o' booty, and freckles...and I am fiiiiiiiiine! Don't let anyone else put value on you. Find your own value through self love and you will be fiiiine too!


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  • I know what you mean about the "eye of the beholder" comments, total cop-out answers by people who watch too much movies.

    Hmmm hard to say. Do good-looking guys ever give you random compliments on your beauty? Not on clothes, but on your face or something like "you're beautiful." Do guys ever seem to change their behavior as you get near them, acting nervous or asking you stupid questions just to talk to you? Do guys offer to help you out with things they see you doing?

    Take a bunch of pictures of yourself and see if you can ever get a picture to come out as good as you think you look in the mirror. Compare those pictures to other pictures of beautiful people you know. If you are really skinny, that can make you attractive even if your face is not so great.

  • OK. since you want to know and almost everyone is saying all the nice things. I'll list them

    1. Hair (most guys (and all guys I know) like girls with long hair(shoulder to boob length)

    Wavy Hair, or Straight Hair. Short hair is generally deemed unattractive. I personally don't like curly hair, but some guys do.

    2. Face (Large eyes, Full lips, small cute sharp noses, clear skin, nice thin eyebrows that bend in a curve) An ugly face would have Freckles, acne, small eyes, angry large or bushy eyebrows, large noses, thin purse lips.

    3. Body- Fairly self explanatory ( B-C or D cup breasts), some guys like large butts, others like smaller but firmer. long shapely legs, curves. Not a lot of body fat. An ugly body would generally look like a pre-pubescent one, A- cup breasts, flat butt, little or no curves.

    4. Height- Depends on the height of a guy, most guys like girls 5 inches or more shorter than them. But ya anything above 5 feet and anything below 5 foot 9 is generally considered attractive by most guys. Girls over 6 feet tend to have a hard time finding suitable guys. Girls less than 5 feet can always wear high heels and find a shorter guy. I think the majority of women fall in between the 5-5'9 category

    5. Personality- you didn't ask for this, but if we want to get to know someone and know if they are girlfriend material and possibly even future wife personality will play a much larger role. A 1 night stand personality wouldn't matter much, but if the guy is interested in settling down personality could play as much as 90% in their desicion. A mean personality like, focusing on oneself too much, being a gold- digger, high matinence, but this REALLY depends on the guy.

    In general looks will attract first, but personality rules in the end.

    I have described a model if not a supermodel here, so obviously no normal woman would match all those descriptions. But those are the obvious attractive qualities of women

    • She asked for it. your not asking the question, she is.

    • Word on bellaboop. wth man. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, imo. I have small boobs (b cup) & I'm about 130, 5'5". Some guys find me repulsive, others drool over me. It's different for everyone. You can't give a simple generalization... wow. -_-

  • In the eye of the beholder: half true.

    Girl at Guy: looks doen't matter.(status does)

    Guy at Girl: looks matter. face it

    but even tho your ugly it doesn't matter.

    The only thing guys don't like is fat. that's it.

    Girl with funny face, braces, big teeth (blah blah blah on the facial features) good news: Your still attractive, even tho you don't think so.

    But FAT. guys that are sane hate it. now your thinking but that one fat guy has such a beautyful gf-

    -_- when it comes to guys it doesn't matter. what does matter is not relavant here (guys wanna know what is google " mystery " if your desparate and search around there you'll find it, possible the first link, I checked)

    But girls, what to do? : Jog. Go jogging every day... EVERY DAY.. !EVERY DAY!. its all that works.

    What about a diet.. -_- it doesn't. you can argue that it does. but it doesn't.

    (Clap your hands two times if you have been on an diet before)

    if it did work, you wouldn't be reading this.

    Go jog everyday. doesn't have to be far. BUT must be fast, not jog five steps and break, or jog so slowly that your feet doesn't go 10 cm above ground. FAST not have to be far just fast.

    Listen I have seen a lot of hidious fat girls put some determanation into getting thin and turns out to be absolute BABES! 8-10/10. And if guys see you put some determanation into it and you got thin, you be hit upon alot. :P

    At first its jogging for longer and faster. (pump it up every week). Then you might go into an other program for your body parts like but or hips.

    Tip: No fastfood. not even healthy ones (like sumo sallad or boost > your not a sumo wrestler and you don't need a boost). And no choclates, buy gummy bears with natural sugars, tasty and almost no fat.

    If you want to have a absolute gorgious body in just 6 months. (it takes that long, BAM the truth hurts, but its worth it)

    do the following:


    15 - 30 min jog (10 for first 2 weeks)

    20 - 50 sit ups (15 for first 2 weeks)

    10 - 20 push ups (5 for first 2 weeks) - its a little amount but you still want Boobs, flat is :(and a little arm tone

    No fastfood, even the healthy ones. (tho sushi is good)

    Don't STARVE yourself. (people have no idea how important it is)

    Don't eat after 5 pm

    eat fruit in the morning

    Hope this helps (It does help, if you do it)

    • Ok so clearly you don't know what your talking about. First off any cardio burns fat. Not just jogging. Second off, as a person who had ED let me tell you right now you are completely misleading this child. Don't eat after 5 ? You say don't starve yourself but the fact of the matter is anything like this Will make someone feel very self conscious of what they are eating. I happen to know that for a fact because the exact thing happened to me. As a child there is no way you need to restrict eating or stick to a diet. Eat what makes you happy and get excersise in. And to whomever wrote the question as a start; Beauty is confidence. Remember that always and I promise you you will feel better. Stop listening to body standards. You don't have to have long thin legs or big boobs. Anyone who tries to tell you that doesn't truly love you or themself. Once you love yourself, people will notice. You don't want to change yourself for others trust me. It attracts the wrong people. Lots of lovexoxo

  • This is one of the dumbest questions I have ever seen. Yes, beauty has everything to do with how you view yourself. Beauty is different in every culture. What shallow vain stupid ass Americans consider beauty is considered ugly by the people who live in Kenya, or wherever. If you have issues with people telling you that your not pretty then f*** them. It's all up to you. Some women think I am a good looking guy, some don't. I don't really care. Personality is what SHOULD matter. We both know in most cases it doesn't, but that's ok. It will take some stupid people a few lessons in heartbreak to wise up and take personality into consideration more than just how a person looks. This question really pissed me off because I hate when people are fed inferiority complexes from advertising and other outlets. It's alllll bullshit! pre-packaged and sold to you to make you believe that some other idiots idea of beauty is how you should have to live...nope! You will always do you better than anyone else can! -j

    • Actually its not a dumb question. who cares about the people in kenya I don't live there. yea personality should matter but in real life it doesnt, if you don't look good you don't get treated as well that's just how it is. I don't agree with it but that's life =/

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    • 'who cares about the people in kenya I don't live there' beauty lies in brains, also, asker. no one likes idiots or selfish bitches.

    • "who cares about the people in kenya" A statment like that tells me you really have a stranglehold on the world around you...oh wait that's right....there isn't one. I forgot. The world revolves around you. What an ignorant thing to say.

  • -General Beauty

    Simply put... they don't give me enough characters to fully answer this question, but I'll lay down what I can for ya... After reading some of these idiotic replies, I just had to chime in. First of all, it isn't a dumb question. In fact, I would wager every person on the planet has pondered this question at least once in their life... Contrary to popular belief, beauty is not based on individual preference, (although it definitely plays a part) but rather on an "ideal" look that all humans find attractive.. and that look centers, first and foremost, around symmetry- the more symmetrical your face, even without well defined cheekbones or other preferred features, the more attractive people will generally find you. However, certain health indicators such as clear skin and eyes also become important when determining facial beauty. However, beauty, as we know, especially in women doesn't stop at the face. Although there is some debate on body type, Men typically prefer women with a slightly narrower waist than hips, flat stomach, a firm but proportionate butt as well as full breasts. Without generalizing it too much: We like the hourglass figure. The reason we prefer these traits is because they are all indicators of fertility and genes we'd like our (female) offspring to possess, so that in turn, they would have a good chance to procreate as well. We want you to have those things if we are going to sleep with you, because at the end of the day, it all comes back to procreation... (subconsciously anyway)

    This is just a quick snapshot of what men prefer in women. It just glasses over the surface. There are scores of books and documentaries describing the golden ratio of beauty, how we decide to choose our mates, and why we find certain characteristics attractive and others not... I suggest you read/watch them and make the best of the situation. Beauty is a science that has been finely tuned after thousands of years of mating... No matter the culture or region, it's been proven we all have a very similar concept of what is beautiful and what isn't. However, do not fret, as always, personality plays a large part in what we find attractive... And if you are lucky enough to be both beautiful and have a wonderful/ confident personality: Congratulations... on winning the genetic jackpot... You're life will probably be easier than 90% of the population.

    Hopes this helps your question, I didn't include any telltale signs of unattractiveness, but you can just take the inverse of what I listed above; (IE: larger stomach and waste than hips, asymmetrical face, no breasts, etc...)

    Best of luck to you, and remember, no matter how strikingly beautiful the woman or man, if they are shallow, and a bitch/asshole, they may find a many lovers to sleep with them, but real love and true acceptance with a partner will often elude them indefinitely...

  • When you look in the mirror and cringe.


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  • Not to be mean...Misaligned jaw, uni-brow, disfigured, odd shaped nose (Some guys find that cute though), blackened or badly misaligned teeth, acne, major blemishes...

    Aside from that...its possible to not be ugly and not be attractive too... It's possible that you might fall into here and then you need to get by with a good personality, a good brain and maybe a little effort to stand out from the crowd.

    • I don't have any of those. I do have a big nose but I think it fits my face. I don't think I'm ugly personally but I'm wondering if guys might

    • I'm willing to bet that some style changes might bring out a look that you'll like better...and being confidant of yourself is a good step in attracting a guy.

    • Thanks for your advice =)

      i am in need of a makeover, haven't got my hair cut in a while

  • well, this is gona sound like one of those weird sayins but like- there is a time in your life that your beauty will peak. I used to be hideous but now I think I'm quite pretty. that might sound vain but its true lol. I've now got a modelling contract and a lovely figure. everyone complements me etc.

    just wait until nature takes its toll and I promise it will. some people start of pretty and become ugly- it works both ways you know. (:

    so don't worry about it even if it happens when your 30odd years old.

  • There is a scientific "mask" that you can place over your picture to see if you are attractive. Here's the website


    It's really complicated but it's all explained in the website

    • So people are making a science out of stupidity these days. There is no scientific way to tell if a person is attractive.

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    • I disagree totally. Something considered attractive is a personal preference. There may be a consistent that is presented here, but I disagree that any hard, realistic non-bias scientific standards are being upheld in your claim. I'd love to see your cite reference to this. - j

    • I learned about this site from my Psych class personally I don't approve of the website, and frankly I've been too scared to put the "mask" to my own face.

  • This is a very difficult question to answer because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. I could find someone absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and you could find that person to be one of the ugliest people you've ever seen. Its all about personal opinion. A definite way to make you appear more attractive and appealing to others though is to be sure to carry yourself with confidence.

  • well look if you don't like yourself or find yourself attractive them people are likely not going to notice you s0o0o0 start off by finding out what you like about yourself and then play up you assests s0o0o0o now if to answear your question your only ugly if you find yourself to be but everyone is beautiful on their own way as lame as it sounds

  • i totally know what's wrong with me but I have trouble changing it.

  • the way a complete stranger reacts when they see you. maybe if you never, ever notice anyone checking you out.