What would cause a guy's eyes to randomly look soft & gentle?

There was the guy who was always really mean to me all through high school. Now we're both seniors and we actually started talking to each other and joking and he's actually funny.

Anyway I started to like him (not like as in crush/or love) and he became a good friend. We were both going to prom (with other people) and I would come to him a lot and talk about it because my date was really stressing me out.

So I'd be happy to see him in class everyday, but then for some reason he was gone, out of school, and I didn't see him for about a week, and then when he finally showed back up I came over to talk to him and he gave me this look and his eyes looked a way that I never saw before. They got really soft and pretty and even looked a lighter shade of brown and he smiled at me and asked how I was and about my prom date.

I'm just wondering if it means anything?

and I'm still a little confused because he was always so mean and picked on me in the past.

do you think he was just trying to be nice now, or something deeper, because the look he gave me was not normal.


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  • He might actually like you or have feelings for you.


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  • Over the course of high school people change. The cliques drop off and everyone realizes that they are leaving and they all associate with each other.

    This guy, who knows what he was going through before. He could have just had a major breakthrough and now wants to be a different person. Maybe he feels comfortable around you, maybe he appreciated that you thought enough of him to come up and talk to him. I think all of that is enough to make someone take their guard down.

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