When a guy says you look nice, is that good thing?

i showed this guy I am talking to a picture of my new hair because he told me he wanted to see it. (he had texted me). he said "it looks nice"

all my friends and family members loved it.

so do you think that means he likes it?


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  • When guys speak, it's in a secret code that you need to be like, a CIA spy and code breaker in order to decipher it.

    But I have an app here, which can do a quick decode on the fly.

    Let's just plug it in here.

    "It looks nice"

    Translates to ... "It looks horrible"

    Oh dear! Telling you it looks nice, obviously means he hates it! He hates it so much, that it must mean he hates you as well. Oh, this is terrible. What a dramatic twist.

    I bet you thought it was going to mean something obvious, didn't you? Like... maybe he thought it was nice, or something?

    Nah, that'd be crazy.

    It's code. It means he hates it. (And you.)


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  • Why can't people mean what they say and say what they mean. If animals had the ability to talk, they would be greatfull for it, unlike lazy ass human beings and their sign languages, slangs, incide sh*t and god knows what else.

    If you like the guy,. ask him out, if you dont, then take it as an innocent compliment. I think you like him, so its time for you to find out.

    good luck

    • i do like him. we have gone out together a bunch and kissed and all. I just hope he really does like my new hair and isn't just saying that to be nice

    • then what are you worried about since you have already kissed you prince charming. next time, ask him to pick out a style that he likes you to have.

  • Um, yes, lol.

    Do you have any reason to believe he doesn't mean what he says?

  • Well yes of course! why else would he take time out of his life to say your hair looks nice? because he's interested in you! so yes he likes you!

  • Yes he does

  • When a guy says you look nice, yes it's a good thing.


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