Guy stares at you then suddenly stops?

Okay so there's this really cute guy at the gym, we don't know each other but every time I came around near him he always stared at me I'm not talking just a glance I mean straight staring at me until we made eye contact, so its pretty obvious that he's for sure into me. I've noticed every time I caught him staring he would always smile. So my dumb self lol would stare back but then look away or pretend that I didn't see him, I don't know why I did this I don't want him to think that I'm interested in him. This would happen maybe two or three times When I saw him. So I saw the same guy again and this time he completely stopped looking at me!? So now I'm planning on talking to the guy or simply making eye contact and this time smile to show him that I'm interested ughh but I can never get him to look at me like he once did! should I talk to him to reel him back in. Do you think he'll still be interested? and why do you think he all of a sudden stops?

I know I kinda messed up & annoyed with myself, so how could I make him think I'm interested?
I'm more of a shy girl at first so I may come off as arrogant or stuck up to most but I'm by far nothing like that so that explains why I kept looking away most of the time.


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  • I got really good advice for you:

    1. Let's make it clear, you are pretty girl so don't be shy, GUYS LIKE CONFIDENT GIRLS.

    2. You said you met him at the gym, so because you are a girl ask for some help or sth. but make sure that is something idn heavy, we call them our strong side so let him be a men.

    3. Smile and compliment.

    I guarantee you will have him


    • lol yesss! I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do, thanks for the advice I think it should do it and thanks for the compliment. +hugs:)

    • I agree. Guys like to help and give exercise advice to girls, especially girls they find attractive. This is good advice.

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  • people are biologically more attracted to people that they think are attracted to them, that whole play hard to get he wants what he can't have act works to; it inspires lust and activates that competitive desire , but almost every time both parties end up playing the same tactic so they end up longing for the other but no one ever acts on it, that stuff is way too james bond for everyday life , if you want this guy enough that you took to the internet to ask for advice then mine would be just go up and talk to them

    if you're shy and don't know what to say or just don't have anything to talk to him about because you don't know him and don't want to seem too forward- not that there's anything wrong with forward- here's an idea: hide your cell phone out of visible sight but leave it on ring or vibrate , go up to him, ask him if you could borrow his cell phone to call your friend real quick -you left yours at home, then proceed to call your number , let your phone ring and let him realize what just happened , be flirty and tell him he should call/text you sometime, send him a playful text later if he hasn't already texted you, which he probably will

    i was reading through the comments as I was typing this and I like that Ana girls idea better, but I don't feel like deleting this ...sooo here's plan B if he doesn't take the hint!

    • Haha thanks for the advice. I will defiantly strike up a conversation hopefully he gets the hint that I'm also attracted to him & would like to get to know him better, other then that I think I'm thinking about it to hard so Ima just chill out if it happens it happens. thanks again :)

    • no problem, let me know how it all works out!

  • geez...

    just say hi, smile and wave or something or ask him for help with an exercise, even if he doesn't look at you...

    all of these staring and looking away games and pretending not expressing interest is really silly and dishonest. good lord...sounds like yall are playing peek-a-boo on crack.

  • You are just a stranger and probably not bad looking. Now go work out and ignore him and do your business. Its a gym not a meat market. If you can.

    Otherwise you might introduce yourself and quit being weird - aloof.

  • I know you're shy, but why did you keep looking away?

    • Ughh idk, I'ma try to change things he did his part so I guess its up to me to try and turn things around I completely understand why he stopped to even try so I'm just gonna have to say something to him and smile hopefully he gets the hint that I'm interested if not then I guess its time to move on I just don't wanna ask myself what if ya know!

  • The next time you you see him:

    Walk by him, make eye contact, smile and say hi.

    Optional: Turn around after you did the above


  • "I don't want him to think that I'm interested in him."

    You suceeded. He now thinks you're not interested in him, so he has completely stopped looking at you.

    How did you not see this coming?

    Trying to talk to him now, will just indicate to him that you're a tease who wanted the attention, but had no interest in him.

    • yeah I see where he got that. any advise on how I can change those thoughts?

    • Not really. You don't get many do-overs in life, which is why it's important not to self-sabotage yourself like that.

      I don't know why girls do it so often, but ye do, and you will do it until you've learned not to, by ruining a couple of good chances like this.

    • I agree with everything up to the being to late part. You maybharbto work harder at it now but if you talk to him and flirt with him he could come around.

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  • Well, if you pretended you didn't see him... more than once... then he's thinking you're not interested. You have to bump into him or something.

    • Yeah I'm thinking I have to so something like that to. I was thinking maybe I should ask him to help me with the heavy weights or ask what time it is and simply smile to give him some kind of hint that I actually am interested.

    • Yup, one of those should work!