He doesn't like me but keeps looking at me?

Ok so there's this guy I really like, I know he used to have a little crush on me, but it changed after I started showing interest back, I've been acting pretty awkward and clingy around him since then... so he pretty much acts like he hates me now, but I also noticed that he's looking at me a lot.. if it's in class or even when he's with friends, I will notice him glancing at me from time to time... which I find kinda weird

So guys, why would you ever stare at a girl if you disliked her so much?


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  • hard to say. what grade are you guys in? and how exactly is he showing he hates you?

    You are obviously on his mind, whether good or bad, if he stares at you. Personally I wouldn't stare at a girl I hated. id just ignore her and avoid.

    • I know this whole situation sounds immature but both of us are in our early 20's. I'm almost certain that he doesn't like me anymore.. I said and did a lot of stupid things in front of him so he must have a bad impression of me.

      Whenever I come near he just clam up and becomes cold and serious as if he doesn't like my presence. Also, I don't know if I should call it staring, it's more like he's always glancing at me, without a smile like before though.

    • Nah it doesn't sound immature. We are about the same age. I know a lot of friends that did or even still act that way around girls they like. Glancing is usually a sign that he likes you and is shy. However, its not a good sign if he used to smile but doesn't anymore but maybe its because he knows you like him now and is intimidated. I used to get intimidated by girls I liked and used to freeze sometimes too. Maybe he's thinking too much? Just be playful if you can. Guys usally really like that.

    • Thanks for taking your time to comment, I like your positive thinking, but in this case I don't think he does it out of shyness.. he did act nervous and shy when he liked me, but now if he's sitting with some mutual friends and I join he seems bothered and annoyed by me, and he does it in a blunt way.. he's keeping his distance most of the time.. I guess I should just face the reality that he's lost interest in me and move on..

  • He still likes you now.

    Perhaps, it's only in your mind that he started to hate you.


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