Are short girls sexy too?

I am not happy with my height at all. I am 5"4. I know it´s not incredibly short, but I would really like to be a lot taller. All the models I see are extremely tall and they seem very sexy because they have long legs. Whenever I go out with my group of friends I ALWAYS wear extremely high heels because I feel so not attractive and so not sexy with my height. I had to go to the doctor the other day because my back was killing me and he told me I should stop wearing high heels all the time. I have to go out with my friends tomorrow and I do not want to go with low sandals! What am I supposed to do? Is it normal that I feel inferior to taller girls? Even if the girl is not so attractive, if she is taller than me, I inmediatly feel disgusting compared to her.

If you want to know, I weigh 99 lbs and I have a body similar to Mila Kunis- that means I don´t have huge boobs or ass, but I´m still curvy.
Are short girls sexy too?
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