Why guys stopped approaching and started to just sit and wait for us girls to come?

This is a fact, at least in my country (Portugal). Guys don't approach girls anymore, at least the good ones. They go to parties or wherever, and just stare and stare and stare at us girls, waiting for us to approach them.

This is so annoying and I am so sick of this. I'm very beautiful but I'm relaxed and funny. When I go out, I feel that almost every guy in the room is staring at me and looking at me. But not a single one comes to me.
  • Girls are so easy that we feel we don't need to do anything
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  • I don't approach beautiful woman because I feel intimidated
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  • I'm so hot, I don't need to approach, they come to me!
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  • I'm shy by nature, it's part of my personality
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  • Damn, I approach woman! You're not judging this right
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  • You say you are very beautiful? Well, there is the first ''problem''. The vast majority of guys are intimidated by attractive girls. If you are always with friends, it makes it worse for them as guys are also intimidated by a group of girls.

    You can always ''help'' them by making eye contact with and smiling or waving at one of the guys you too find attractive. He'd be an idiot if he did pick that up as a sign that he should say ''Hi''. Maybe move away from your friends when you do this so he will feel a little less intimidated.

    Don't worry, there are guys out there that will not give a shit and well just walk up and say ''Hi'', but they are few.


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  • For me I've noticed that woman act so standoffish that guys stop approaching or start to do it in an over-the-top way, the 'I don't give a f***' way.
    In order to get just a date most guys must go through a lot of rejection. After a bunch of bad rejections, guys sort of give up. I know lots of good looking, great guys who have given up, and have started to think its futile.
    Women: be nice about your rejection. It takes a lot of courage for most guys to approach.

  • Vote F JESUS there are too many targets out there, which one should i hunt, maybe i suppose to consider it with a decade.
    Vote G If staring one time have to be put in jail, now i should set out for my funeral
    Vote H Why would i add one more flat on my bookkeeping
    Vote I I can't go multitasking
    Vote J uhmm , I'm one of those filmgoers, we all love to watch it, but no one like to shoot it.

  • Interesting post about what you have experienced in Portugal.
    Here in Australia most of the young women are unapproachable ice princess bitches, who compete with each other to see who can be the most cruel when they reject an advance by a man.
    After a while, most men just give up. If you kick a dog often enough it learns to stay away.

    • I should add that the women become more approachable and even begin to approach men once they get past the age of 30 to 35, but by then a lot of men have had a gutful as we say in Australia and have gone their own way. This is reflected in the client base of introduction agencies. In the 18 to 35 age range there are five females to every male. Between age 35 and 40 this reverses to five females to every male.

  • It's scary for a number of reasons I'll never be intimidated by a woman but the reality is your really throwing urself out there nowadays. She may have a boyfriend, she may be lesbian, she may just not be into you. And even if she is if you don't do things right your a creep and not only ruined things with her but all her friends. So it ain't that simple and it's better just to not do it really.

  • I approach them all the time but all I ever hear is I'm only 20 and you are over 50 lol.

  • It's feminism's fault. But even if women admit it and decide to get rid of it, it's probably too late now. Masculinity has been lost forever

  • I don't approach women at all. I simply do not care. That's why.


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