Why do guys even approach or talk to girls?

when so many are known for being stuck up egotistical self centred bitches?
i mean, how likely is it that u can jus walk to a girl, speak to her, compliment her, and not get brutally rejected, told to fuck off, and that ur not worth her time?
not very likely... girls have a reputation for being a massive bitch and i think even you know that the main reason guys fear approaching girls.. is because they are very insulting bitches that love to reject guys... what other reason would most guys be scared to approach them?
no other reason, both you and i know that is the reason... so why do the brave souls who are brave even bother to risk that... why let urself get rejected and insulted by some bitch?
why jus not give them that satisfaction they crave and not try at all?
then they won't get what they want, cos they love to reject and insult us, it pets their already huge ego and makes them feel good to reject us.

and i know a lot of you are thinking "man, this guys being unreasonable" or "childish" or "grow up and stop being a woman hater" or whatever... but u guys that are thinking that... you know you are only saying that so you can be on womans side and have them still like you, whilst you lean onto the small hope 1 will go out with you 1 day... cross over that river, come over that side and say fuck females, join us men, we dont need them bitches, cos both you and me know, you know deep down in ur soul all girls are bitches, so dont jus say fuck me, and start calling me a woman hater and getting all defencive, because u know ur only doing that to be liked by the girls.
but come on, join me, take my hand, i know u realise deep down in ur soul all girls are bitches, no need to stick up for them and take their side,
cross the river and take my hand and come into the land of mgtow... u will be more free here. honestly :)
Why do guys even approach or talk to girls?
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