Guys, why am I never approached by you?

For all my teenage years I had wondered why no guy has ever approached me. And I would very much appreciate to receive constructive criticism from new perspectives.

I am a 19 year old 5’6 Scandinavian girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and small-medium sized (average characteristics). My friends and family tells me that I’m pretty but when I look in the mirror, I am nowhere near a 10.

During High School, I took STEM subjects such as math, physics, chem and bio, either alone as a girl or with only a few other girls in class. I am introverted but I could talk to guys if I was placed on the same desk. I really wanted to talk to these people, because I love people. But they always rejected my attempts to small talk.

The same thing happens at parties. No guy wants to talk to me, and I feel really disgusting when my friends are talking to a guy and he won’t even notice me when I try to participate in the conversation. I may be old school, but I don’t like hookup culture. I never had to worry about that because no one ever wanted to. And I have never had a romantic relationship, never even been in a talking stage.

You can call me a nerd in many ways. I love maths, physics and history, I play guitar and piano, I read and I have a great appreciation for art and cinema. I paint, bake, knit and draw. I have also played soccer half my life, I love to hike in the mountains and recently shown interest in motorsports. I like to believe that because of this, I am not an “grey" person.

Even though I am shy and introverted, I am in on the joke, I often laugh and I am very lively. If someone got to know me, they would know that I am deep.

I really want a boyfriend, because I don’t have any deep friends. I want someone to care for, and someone that cares about me. And I truly believe in heart and personality over appearance (looks, height etc).

Am I really the ugliest person to exist? Why doesn’t guys want to talk to me? Please tell me every little thing that could help.

Guys, why am I never approached by you?
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