Why do I never get cat called?

I'm a 17-year-old girl and never have I ever gotten catcalled in my life. I've gotten asked out on a date by a guy one time, and that's the only guy who's ever asked me out (I wasn't even interested in him). I wear nice clothes, makeup, do my hair, have confidence, yet nobody ever approaches me. I'm not fat, not short nor tall, and I have curves. The only few people who have ever called me "pretty" are all girls I'm friends with. But guys never have crushes on me or seem like they're interested in me. I live near a bigger city and apparently all my girlfriends who go there always get catcalled or approached by guys. Not saying I want to get with creeper guys, but at least it means they're attractive. I'm supposed to be at the peak of my attractiveness if I'm 17.

Am I just really ugly if I've NEVER been catcalled in my life or flirted/approached by random guys? Why don't I ever get catcalled? Am I hopelessly ugly/unattractive to men? :/
Why do I never get cat called?
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