I'm nervous to meet my boyfriends friends?

My boyfriend is from Florida, which what he explains to me is completely different from Canada (where I am from). and I'm nervous to meet his friends. They talk really different from me, and I feel like I might come off as too serious or unfun. I've already talked to his friends through the phone (with him) and it was extremely awkward, and i felt bad afterwards. I dont know how to explain how they talk, but I think its more pop-culture like language? if that makes sense. and I'm not used to it or know how to react or respond to it. But I go up there in a week and ill be meeting them all and im just very nervous. any advice around this subject or how i can make myself not seem uptight but at the same time not look like an idiot trying to fit in with them?
I'm nervous to meet my boyfriends friends?
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