My crush's friends are teasing me about her?

My crushes friends are teasing me about her and what we do, it happens at work. So like the phone was ringing and one of her friends was like "pick that phone up.", and I was like "I don't use the phone, at all even in my personal life, I don't talk to anybody over the phone."she was like "She told me about your late night phone calls and talks", and I said "whatever, I only talked to her once at like 3pm", and then my crush hugged me, because I guess she was scared I was going to get hurt because I had to cross the street for something. and the same girl who was talking about me and my crushes "long talks late at night", was like awwww, when we were hugging. I don't know why she's doing this, has she figured out maybe I have a crush on this girl? because if so, vet can be a major problem. why would she be making comments about me and this girl, like talking on the phone when I never talk on the phone (except for the one time at 3 p. m.), and making comments when we hug. I just don't get it. there was an unrelated time about a month or so ago, where I hurt my back and they were like do you want her to rub it for you her being my crush. they're always asking if we're a couple, and we're not but I could see why people would say or ask if we are. I don't know what to tell them at all, but I don't think my crush is like repulsed by me I think she's called me cute a few times actually so do her friends know something I don't know? My crushhugs me and tells me she loves me all the time as well.

My crush's friends are teasing me about her?
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