She's ignoring me?

She's ignoring me!! What do I do!? I'm gonna loose it OK first off I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty much obsessed with this girl. She's just my friend right now but that doesn't matter, we

have had some really deep conversations and she frequently puts her head on my shoulder when she sits by me. And now suddenly she's ignoring me. It all started about two weeks ago when she told me she was coming over to chill at around 10:30, time goes by and I send some texts that were ignored, so then its 12:30 and still no sign of her so I send some more texts that were ignored and then its 3:30 and I said screw this, I'm going to bed. The next week and a half I had no contact with her what so ever until two days ago when I called her out on ignoring me, initially was gonna wait for her to call me but now I'm starting to think she doesn't want to see me anymore, so anyway I sent her a text that said "so what's up are you too cool for me now" and she sends two texts, the first one said "no!" and then I said "well that's what it feels like" then she says "think whatever you want but that's bullshit" and I really really believe that she still has feelings for me still, whether they're friendly or intimate I don't know.

But I'm starting to hear rumors about her, one being that she had sex with some dealer so he would give her an iPhone about a month ago! And that has been absolutely breaking my heart ever since I heard about it. I know that she used to have a bad reputation and was known as a slut and a liar at her school but you know how high school rumors go and she told me that she doesn't do stuff like that anymore and I believe her but now this ignoring business is happening. I know that's a lot of info but I would like any input on this as long as its not "just wait for her" so yeah please I'm desperate.


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  • I think she is really scared. You have accepted for her - regardless of the previous baggage she has had. She probably has never been treated this good by any guy before. Your probably the first guy that has paid her any real respect. Your falling for her -- she knows it, you know it. She has decided to put the 'defense' mechanisms up -- she might have come across some guy that was intially really nice. Only to find that he wanted to get into her pants or wanted to use her. You on the other hand are willing to start fresh, get to know her for her. Text or call her and let her that you will be there for. If she is worried, scared, or unsure about you two - let her know that you will accept for her (no strings attached). Unfortunately a girls slutty rep. Can follow her for a long time. And guys will take advantage of the fact. You on the other hand have proven to give her a fresh start, to know her, to support her.

    If my suggestion doesn't work -- then girl might be very immature and not really ready to have a guy care about her in the way you do. She needs to respect herself first, before she can accept the fact that a guy can legitimately respect despite her previous history/past.

    I hope this helps you.

    • Oh yes, to add to my answer. As your post describes - she has opened up to you, she has gotten very vulnerable. You have time to 'judge' her. She likely feeling vulnerable and silly for opening to you. She might be somewhat embarrassed or feeling awkward. Reassure her thoughts & feelings are with you. And you will never take advantage of the fact. You will respect her privacy and her feelings.

      She has shown a vulnerable side of herself. And it can be scary!

    • Ok so I texted her last night and I said "can you talk

      To me and tell me what's up? " and she told me that she was

      drunk at whataburger! What do you think about that

    • So you think I should keep texting her? Not like constant texting but maybe like two everyday or something?

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  • She mite be seeing someone else.

  • that is very sad to hear.


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  • man, I have to be serious. leave this girl alone. this is a good sign. do you want your life partner to be some sort of slut who sleeps around for a £300 I phone. I mean she sold her body for an I phone, how cheap is she. I have two theories for why she is ignoring you, either she knows you heave heard the rumours and she feels so embarrassed and lowly of herself, or she found out you fancy her, and realised all those times you listened to her and was nice to her was to get her on a date rather than being a real platonic friend which is where she wants you. either way take this as a sign and get the f*** out. you are so much more better than this. have some respect for yourself, if a girl can be such a whore you deserve better. find someone nice, someone compatible, who doesn't use you as a girlfriend but is actually really attracted to you, a nice girl who is not going to cheat on you in a few years time for the iphone 2. take this step, don't chase after one crazy whore your whole life who may never love you and will cheat at the drop of the hat. she may have been just using you as a shoulder to cry on all this, as a counsellor for all her emotional baggage. in psychiatry their is a concept known as transferrance, where you listen to the patients terrible stories of sexual abuse etc but you do not allow the patients negative emotons to affect you. the point is all her stories she cries to you about have been affecting you as well. she takes you down with her, and that's what raises her up. stop being used, she gave sex to a guy for an iphone but she won't give it to the nice guy who is so caring and always there for her. wake up, get out, look that bitch in the eye and say"you used me, you silly whore, I have no respect for you, you are out of my life". do this and I promise the next time you look in the mirror, you won't see a boy, but a man. you'll start respecting youself, you'll get more confidence, than the real genuine decent girls will start to be attracted to you. let this whore go. let me know what you do.

    this youtube video should teach you the way,

    all the best

  • I hate to say it but she did until she found out your clingy. What I mean is texting her all the time like that will scare a girl off in the matter of no time. I too struggle with this because you think the more I text her the more she will like me not true!

    • I know what you mean, but I don't think that's the case here because I have made that mistake I. The past and I'm trying to be careful about it

    • Then im really not sure every girl has there different view on what clingy is.

  • Dude, I am going through the same thing. I started going out with this girl a while ago and we talked all the time hung out etc. now I will text her and no answer, text again no answer, then today after like 3 or 4 days I said if you don't want to talk to me anymore or see me fine but at least tell me and she said "oh sorry I was in the bathroom" for 3 days! I think not. There were a whole bunch of rumors of how she is a slut and sleeps with a whole bunch of guys and she always insisted it wasn't true. Yesterday I heard she was pregnant from a friend. I called and asked about it and she kept saying "what" then she said" I have to go to work" and hung up. Now I just said f*** it it's over don't have to worry about it. She is probably seeing someone else though.