When a shy guy likes a girl, how does he look at her?

1.) How does a guy really look at the girl he likes? if he is shy too...

2.) If he doesn't like a girl, will he look a lot at her?

3.) If he doesn't like will he take the time to stare sometimes?

4.) Why do you feel as if someone is staring, if you saw that the guy is not...? Does he feel awkward too?

5.) He looks and laughs at anything I do, even the dumbest and stupidest, stuff that is not funny at all... and is sure ready to tease me... but when he is in a bad mood totally ignores me. Is this more of a 'like me' or a 'no, he doesn't like me' sign?

6.) Would a guy stare and glance at you a lot.. and see your face first in a crowd and try to smile and laugh with you... just do that so he can check if you are in love with him? Instead of liking you? If his friends see me coming.. they hit him and laugh like hell... WHAT IS SO FREAKING FUNNY? Is this a bad or a good sign?

OK thanks a lot people.. I know its long.. but I'm in a great need... I really appreciate your time..


And if you are going to give a rude or sarcastic comment that won't be of any help for an answer don't bother commenting... Please.
When a shy guy likes a girl, how does he look at her?
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