This guy confuses me so much! Please help!! Why does he act like this??

the guy I have a crush on knows I like him and now acts very weird around me! he confuses me though

here are some strange things he does, if you could give any opinions on why he does them would really appreciate it

1. ill see him out at a party and walk towards the direction he is standing in not necessarily going over to him but he looks super uncomfortable and nervous and kinda acts like he doesn't want me to come over towards him.

2. however, I can see him again a week later and ill be all nervous and awkward around him and he will come over and say hello and act nice but still kinda nervous and the conversation is very short before he quickly walks away

3. ill see him at night at a party and he is awkward and on edge but if I see him during the day he will come up to me and give me a big hug and be exited to see me.

4. when he talks to me he stares into my eyes

5. when he sees me during the day he will stare at me and give little smiles and be attentive to me but when I see him out at night he is the complete opposite.

also before he found out that I liked him he used to be so exited to see me out he would always give me a huge hug and started doing this thing when we were out where if he saw me he would point and go "you" then come and give me a hug. he became flirty to but then that all changed when he found out I like him. I'm quite shy and I act nervous around him now so maybe that's one reason why he acts like this any other opinions would be awesome! thanks :)
This guy confuses me so much! Please help!! Why does he act like this??
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