Flirting but 'just friends'?

i asked a chick out, got an 'i just don't see us being more than friends right now' line and at first wanted to go no contact but I decided to just man up and stay her friend because she's actually pretty cool to hang with and thinking maybe there's some crazy chance to turn it around. we started hanging out again, sometimes alone sometimes with friends, it got comfortable again quick, like I never even happend no awkwardness.

the last few times weve hung out she's started to become more flirty; good eye contact, we tease each other, she thinks I'm hilarious, were both physical (she touches my arms often), she often puts her body very close to mine and we have fun together. she also is the one texting me to hang out (I don't text her to hang out, I let her) and we do like twice a week or so. all that flirting is good an all but shell also mention if a guy looks cute or shell talk about this guy she wants to hook up with but not date at least.

i figured the increased flirting might be a good sign because I started caring less about trying to get her but she still talks about other dudes. its messing with me because on one hand I really like this girl and we get along really well (aqurious and sag lol) and the increased flirting is confusing but on the other I hate being good friends with this girl and being around her hoping things will change. anyone have some insight here? flirting and eagerly wants to hang out but talks about other guys sometimes?
Flirting but 'just friends'?
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