Long distance crush texting?

So I like this guy and we met in middle school and we were both really shy so we didn't say more then two words to each other well five years ago he moved away and some how ( I can't remember how ) we exchanged numbers and we would always text each other but then we stopped and we both moved on

well in January I got this idea that I needed to talk to him to help me with my current crush so I texted him and he helped me a lot with this other guy and so me and my crush were talking again and I had an idea of us writing a book togather (we both want to be writers) and he said yes but we decided to write a TV series togather instead so we exchanged ideas and emails and a week later he told me his friend (who is a girl) was going to write it with us and it wasn't the same but we still had long text conversations and it was a change and I realized that I liked him not just because of the long texts it was because he believed in me and made me feel special and so I always texted him saying hey because I really wanted to get to know him and he took like hours writing me back

but I didn't want to give up so I waited and finally he texted me first we were texting till 11 pm - 1:30 am and it was not a boring conversation and close to the end he is all like you should send me a picture of yourself I asked why he said so I know what you look like I told him OK but I want a picture of u. long story short both of us still didn't send a picture and now I am curious since he lives kinda far

how do I know he likes me when all we do is text. please help if you can thanks much appreciated
Long distance crush texting?
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