She's confused between me and him. Girls what does this mean?

My ex-girlfriend has been dating this guy for some time now but she's always talking to me and telling me at times that she's confused between me and him. And things like her sister saying "I like (me) better, you should get back with him" my ex says makes things harder and makes her even more confused.

For instance the other day I haven't talked to her for a couple days because I've been busy so I stopped by her work to visit and say "Hey". Well when I walked in she had a big smile on her face and the entire time we talked she was tearing up and crying and saying how she misses me and its hard for her right now because she's so confused with him and me because she still has feelings for me but she can't break up with him because he's done nothing wrong (except yell at her and constantly fight with When it was time to leave because I was meeting up with some friends she kept stalling to keep me there longer and was flirting with me as well. And before I left she did like an air kiss and said "i missed you". (We were together for 4 years btw)

Ladies what does this mean? Like, what goes on in a girls head and if she's like this why can't she just simply tell him that she has more feelings for me and Doesn't want to lead him on anymore? And what do I do in this process?

Guys you can answer too on what you would do or if its happened to you and what you did about it. Thanks
She's confused between me and him. Girls what does this mean?
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