He said he doesn't want to chase me...?

Hii(: so for the last 2 months I've been seeing a guy I'm interested in, on and off. We get along great. He treats me right and I can tell he cares for me. On the other hand, I don't necessarily want a relationship, although it gets lonely at times I would just rather have fun without any sense of attatchment. however, this guy keeps on saying he wants to be more than a "hookup" and get to know me for who I really am, which is fine Because I'm willing to take that chance, but at times I don't know what he wants. One minute he'll be txting me and the next he'll stop for a week or so and then says " text me, Because I always text you first. I'm not gonna chase you(:" ... it's not like I'm telling him to chase me, I'm just the kind of girl that needs to be shown and told she's cared for and when he says he's not going to "chase" me, he

doesn't realize he's pushing me away and it hurts. . can anyone

explain what he implies when he says he's not going to "chase" me and what I can do to tell him how I really feel? ... I'm obviously attracted to him but he doesn't understand how guarded I am when it comes to getting to know one another and he interprets that as me being arrogant and conceited... Answers would be greatly appreciated

thanks! (;

He said he doesn't want to chase me...?
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