Is this flirting?

I’ve been talking with this guy and he says things to me that I’m not really sure if he’s flirting or just being overly nice. Here is what he has said to me lately:

* he sent a picture of the view he had from a mountain and I said it was beautiful. He responded with just like you.
*when I tell him I miss him he says I miss you more.
*he tells me I’m pretty and beautiful. He said he wanted to play with my hair
*I called him spicy and he asked if I wanted to taste..
*I used a filter on my face and he said that it was covering up my beauty
*just stared at me and smiles

what’s weird is today he told me that his girlfriend said he needs to stop being too nice to other girls and flirting with them. But mentioning it twice he still continued with what I think was a flirty behavior..
Is this flirting?
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