How to deal with a chronic cuddler?

Look, I'm pretty cool with most physical affection in small doses-- but my boyfriend really enjoys contact whether it's holding my hand or squeezing my shoulder as he passes me or kissing the top of my head when he reaches for something above my head while we're cooking. He's just a toucher, which is kind of funny that I fell for someone like that because I notoriously guard my personal space to the extent that I nod to close friends as a form of greeting, but very rarely will I relent to a hug or any other physical contact.

It seems really important to him, but sometimes I just feel smothered, especially when one of us stays the night and he feels the need to hold me all night long -- which is kind of excessive. So, guys are you this touchy with your girlfriends? Do you feel this level of contact is important to your relationship? Would you be offended if she asked you to tone it down? And girls, have you ever been in this situation before? How did you resolve it? Do you think I'm being unreasonable?
How to deal with a chronic cuddler?
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