What are some good ways to flirt by touching?

I've been flirting with this girl and so far I've physically flirted by doing these things:

1) Sitting/standing very close to her

2) Having my hand touch her hands and having them linger for up to half a minute

3) Having our legs touch when sitting together

4) Giving her hugs (good hugs, arms around her waist and pull her in close and snug)

5) Touching her knee and just above it with my hand

6) Touching her arms and shoulders, her back

7) Whispering in her ear while I have my arm around her shoulders

Now that I think of it that's quite a list (lol), but I've been wanting to do more. Like hold hands with her and maybe touch her thigh and upper leg, her stomach and waist, face hair.

But all that stuff seems very personal and romantic, something that only comes with the dating/relationship territory. When I see her I want to hold her hand and caress it but since we've only been flirting and I haven't asked her out, I feel like that would be too much?

I mean she lets me touch her, I feel like I could touch her most any way I want, she doesn't move away and she gets all giddy. But now that you know how I've touched her, where do I go from here (without asking her out)? What is an OK way to touch her if we're not dating to keep escalating?
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*face and hair, not her face hair
What are some good ways to flirt by touching?
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