Why do some people enjoy brutally rejecting someone?

There is a percentage of people who intentionally lead someone on and flirt with someone. To get them to approach them and then reject them the worst way they can

Sure some misread the signs. But there is some who intentionally act interested and then act annoyed when they solicited them attention

If someone is bothering you and can’t take no for a answer. Tell them to fuck off. I also understand not being nice when someone comes up at a bad or totally inappropriate time or says something super creepy

There is no gender in this. There is men and women who do this. Number one. Even if you’re not into someone. Why kill his/her confidence? Don’t you want tjem to find someone who will say yes? Why make them feel shitty? Not that you have to say yes. Bur turn them loose easy (but also be clear you’re not into him/her)

Why do some people enjoy brutally rejecting someone?
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