Girls, Why she go out of her way to say hello all of a sudden?


About a year ago I saw a girl I kinda liked at my gym every weekend. I would check her out every now and then. But at first she didn’t look back much.

But then I noticed her keep looking and she would smile to the ground if I’m around and walking past her, I also saw her in the local supermarket and she smiled and said hey.

There was a personal trainer at my gym that I was friends with. He had a crush on her. He started giving her free personal training sessions on the weekend. Whilst he was training her she kept looking at me and smiling to herself, he got annoyed and jealous. He stopped talking to me , and anytime I was near her he would keep acting odd. But I believe she was just interested in learning about exercise and seeing as he was offering it for free..

everytime I was near her he would get jealous and mutter to himself. He never spoke to me for months. He created a triangle which I didn’t want to be a part off. So I avoided her, I changed my days going to the gym.

every now and then I would see her but she would only sneak glances and not really go out of her way to engage. but then out of nowhere she stopped getting personal training sessions by him , he must have asked her out and stopped giving them after he got his answer.

Out of nowhere all of a sudden she keeps staring at me , listening in to my conversations when in the gym. Smiling to the ground near me. Even though I avoid looking at her. Any chance she has to make eye contact she looks.

Then I saw her in the local supermarket again. I tried to avoid an interaction. But she kept looking for opportunity to say hi. Then she look when I was behind her , said hi with a big smile. So I nodded and smiled back saying hi. Why all of a sudden is she staring , listening into my conversations, and keep trying to say hi.

Girls, Why she go out of her way to say hello all of a sudden?
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