FWB...What is acceptable PDA?

My friends with benefits confuses me at times. We talked about a relationship several months ago but he said "my feelings may not be as strong" "we both don't need to rush into anything". We stayed friends and he went through a very hard personal exepirience.

So we had a break..long story..he comes back and I made it clear we are only to be FWB. But his PDA confuses me.

Here's the best example I can give. We are leaving my house at about 2pm, by this time he has stayed WAAAY beyond what I thought he would. (he spends the night) We get to our cars, he gets in his, calls me over (I live in a townhome..most of my neighbors in my row are outside) and leans out the window, puckers up and tells me please take care of yourself...HUH?

So is this a hint that maybe we need to talk? or let it ride since the last time we talked it was a little awkward for a while. I don't want to undo the progress we have made. (yes I have hopes it will turn into a relationship but I'm being realistic about our current status).
FWB...What is acceptable PDA?
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