When girls approach a guy at a club?

I went out to a few different classy clubs last night to bring in the new year and I dressed pretty nicely. I had a bunch of people tell me I looked really good and a lot of girls were checking me out. One of the bartenders was flirting a lot with me and told me and told me I looked like Enrique Iglesias. A few girls approached me but I thought they were just being friendly so I didn't try to get their numbers or anything.

I got introduced to this one chick by one of my friends and she seemed cool and really pretty but every other guy in our group was trying to talk to her so I just let it go because I didn't want to seem as desperate as them.

We only exchanged names and as she was leaving the club (she left early) she rubbed my back. Was that a signal to follow her?

Anyway I saw some of the pictures from last night on Facebook so I know who she is now. Should I add her? I realize this is a lot of questions but I'm new to clubbing and just trying to figure sh*t out haha.
When girls approach a guy at a club?
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