Are guys intimidated by girls who are beautiful, smart and confident?

- beautiful

- smart

- confident (in the way they carry themselves, not afraid to approach a guy, appears to be sexually confident)

- nice, happy, warm

- a leader (school captain)

- involved in school and community

- well liked, has good social standing (not like super popular but has good connections)

i'm not saying I am all this, I promise I am not arrogant. but I truly believe a guy who has a crush on me and whom I like in return feels as though I am all this, and has built me up to be a goddess in his mind.

i grew the balls approached him and we had a really good, albeit short, first conversation. previously we were pretty much strangers at the same school. I have no doubt in my mind that he has liked me for well over a year - trust me, I would not cold approach a random guy whom I did not 100% think was attracted to me. his friends always tease him when I'm around. I have a crush on him, too.

but why, even after I approached him, will he NOT try and talk to me again, even though I put myself out there, approached him, and broke the ice?

he still shows signs of liking me (including being nervous, preening, changing his behavior completely when I'm around) and he still always tries to be around me but he never tries to strike up a conversation with me. I'm still so sure he likes me.

the kicker is that he is a super confident guy who is so good with girls. the thing is, the girls he usually associates with are hot, popular, party/club a lot, not very intelligent (this sounds so judgmental and mean - it is, but they truly are your stereotypical high school bimbos). this guy is very good looking, confident and charming, but he isn't that smart either.

am I reasonable to think that he's intimidated by me because I bring out his insecurities, especially the one on intelligence? I'm so different to the girls he usually associates with. like I said, I don't think I'm super attractive or super smart, but he obviously thinks I am (I just know that I'm not ugly and that I do quite well in school). or am I just self-deluded and that I should just accept that because he hasn't tried talking to me after I approached him, he must not like me enough?

argh this is so frustrating because I truly think he likes me :(
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can I just add that I don't think I was being desperate with regards to approaching him - we had previously been staring/smiling/flirting with each other with body language for well over a year before someone (me) had the guts to do anything about it.
Are guys intimidated by girls who are beautiful, smart and confident?
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