Best way to get an ex back? Boys what makes you miss us?

My boyfriend and I were perfect for each other! We were going out for 5 months and we thought we'd last a while but the other day he broke up with me because he was getting super stressed with everything he's got on with school and 10 times of training a week... I want to do what's best for him but I really want him back.

When we broke up he said he still liked me and wanted me to still be a close friend and catch the train with him and then when I asked if we'll ever get back together he said "Who knows what the future holds, if it comes to that I'll ask you out again"

What we had was magical..I've been in 4 previous relationships and nothing was like this... But I was his first. I want that again.

I just don't know what to do to get him back! Every time I make a plan it changes. I've decided I'm not going to see him on the train for a week and a bit to try to get him to miss me and I didn't bother making an effort talking to him on Facebook to try to give him some space but yesterday he popped up to me and we talked for a while so today I popped up to him so he didn't feel like I was ignoring him and we were joking around... But iv broken my "neutral stage" that people say is supposed to be good to get your ex back...

I just don't know what to do in the meantime while I wait for him to sort himself out and try to keep him interested.

Please help!

How can I make him miss me and want me back even though he's super busy?
Best way to get an ex back? Boys what makes you miss us?
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