Do you know who was your first love?

This morning I have a long way to spend in taxi, watched a video about a very cute couple who were each other’s first loves and now I have been thinking who was my first love.

There were 3 boys from the age of 6 till the age of 16, that I thought I loved and who also loved me back.

  • First one, my classmate, from 6 to 10.
  • 2nd one was a farmer’s tanned green eyed boy, who I met in summers and who I had feelings for from 10 to 15. He named his sister after me and asked me to marry at 20.
  • 3rd one was my Maths classmate, he was so smart it often impressed me and he was also the best basketball player in school. I had more of my firsts with him. But at some point when he was accompanying me on my way home after class, he told me he loved me and came to kiss me. I got scared, I imagined we would have a relationship, then he would get bored and fall for someone else and I’d get heartbroken or I’d have an unhappy relationship like my parents and either way I’d be unhappy, so after that day, I totally stopped talking to him, even though he was my first thought in the morning and the last thought at night. I had feelings for him from 15 to 18.

So We didn’t have relationships, in the last two cases, when they told me they loved me and wanted me to be their girlfriend, I run home and stopped talking to them. I know I was stupid. (They both tried to make things work, but I was stubborn and had made my mind.)

But, looking back I now think it wasn’t really a love, it was probably more of infatuation.

When I met my ex at 22 I remember I thought he was my real first love, who waited for me and was patient with me even though I was trying to run from that too.

Okay, I think this question helped me a bit to decide who was my first love, I think Number 3 was my first puppy love, I am sorry I never told him that and my ex boyfriend was my first real love.

1 y
And run home - not literally, I walked home slowly and confidently, but never went back. Deep down in my mind, I was running as I was scared.
Do you know who was your first love?
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