How can you tell if you're a second choice?

For instance, me and this guy almost started dating. We were really flirty and he'd always pay for me when we'd go out. He introduced me to his friends and always told me how much he wanted to kiss me. People kept saying he was treating me as if I was his girlfriend already so I should've been expecting him to ask me to be soon. Well, within a month he'd gotten back in touch with some ex and she told him she wanted to date him again. He started pulling away from me and I found out about her after. Now that they're together I'm still angry at him so I don't talk to him much. I stopped doing nice things for him and it bothers him a lot. Now, he's always trying to be really nice to me and always offers to help me with stuff.

I think he feels guilty about what he did, but at the same time, I think he might just be trying to get me to like him again in case things go bad with his gf.

But, I can't tell the difference. Is he just feeling guilty or am I his second choice?
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I guess I'm just asking guys: how would you treat a girl if you were just keeping her as a friend in case things didn't work out with your current gf?

There's a lot I didn't mention about this guy and why I think he could be acting so nice around me. He still flirts sometimes and he's always kissing my butt about everything. It's like it bothers him that I'm not treating like I did before he screwed me over.
How can you tell if you're a second choice?
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