Female coworker teases me a lot, is this flirting?

She is a very nice girl, reliable and very professional but the thing is...she seems to enjoy teasing me a little too much. She calls me names and makes fun of me, tells me I'm full of myself and that I make mistakes too. When I admit I made a mistake she gets all "no way, I thought you were perfect" (with this sarcastic tone). She is super nice to everybody but we are always getting into silly arguments and annoying each other (work never suffers because of this, we work and interact at the same time). My question is, why am I the only one she calls names and messes with? I am well liked and respected at my workplace, but she treats me like the most annoying person she knows and when people ask (playfully) why she talks to me like that, she says its because its fun. They also tell us that we argue so much we are going to end up married (and yes, we argue about insignificant things and we know each other body language and can read each other like a book so there's no way we can fool each other), so it seems we spend a lot of time together.

I know she doesn't dislike me because we talk all the time, so what is up with her?


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  • it might be. I personally tease all my friends I have a very sarcastic sense of humour and once I feel comfortable with someone I always start teasing them. it a sign of affection and I'm know you well enough to not worry you'd get upset. its not like a conscious thing, just the way I am. its not necessarily a sign I'm flirting, but I do tease guys I like. when I tease someone it is a joke, not meant to be taken too seriously. I would never make fun of someone I did like, it a sign of friendship for me not dislike. I also poke fun at myself. I don't know if she's like me, but that is what it mean when I tease someone.


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  • I only tease guys I like and are comfortable with. People used to mistake me and this one guy colleague I'm close to as a couple too. Just cause they've never had someone to banter with in a fun way who's relationship with them is platonic. Maybe she likes you.

  • she doesn't dislike you nor its a sign of developing feeling. its just hmm... how to explain this?... ok... there are people who would do it to a certain person although they didn't have reasons for.

    ya know, in some schools there are students who treat a certain student different than they treat other students...when they see him/her, they feel like they wanna do it to him/her.

    • Thats a bit odd, isn't it? I agree with you though, when I see her I want to tease her and maybe annoy her a bit but it isn't something I do with anybody else...

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