Does how you feel, show in the music you listen to?

Like me if I'm in love or really like someone then all I listen to are love songs.

One of my really good friends who I like and he's told me he really likes me to, he always tells me to listen to songs and they are all mostly love songs and he asks what I think of them. And when I listen to the words some of them remind me of him and me, like what we've been threw and done.

This is funny, my friend and I didn't see each other for some years and we met up and hung out with friends. We were connecting and it was sweet. We kept telling each other how much we missed each other. It was so quiet and out of nowhere that song 'Let's get it on' came on and he got red and I got red and we just stared at each other, because we wanted to do it years back but never did. And so we finally did and now when I hear that song I think of him. It was just funny at the time and embarrassing and weird.

So what do guys think of love songs?

Would you tell a girl you like to listen to ones you like? Why?

How or what do you think and feel if someone wanted you to listen to a love song?
Does how you feel, show in the music you listen to?
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