Why don't girls ask guys out?

I see so many questions/hear so many girls lament about how they want a guy to ask them out, "why doesn't he ask me out", "does he notice me" and girls get so upset about this, even my teenage sister.

Some guys are in fact too cowardly to ask girls out. It's true, it's sad, many American guys need to look at Clint Eastwood or Timothy Olyphant as examples and mimic them so they can be men, not wimps. They're the shy guys who don't even have the guts to object to something in class.

But a lot of them just don't care enough to make an effort, or they have things on their mind, they get asked out by girls often, etc. So why don't girls ask guys out to coffee instead of crying about it?

"Oh, if he actually liked me, he'd ask me out." Girls never realize guys could say the same thing.

"Oh, if he doesn't have to work for it, he won't appreciate me." We all know guys hate when girls don't stress them out.

So really... these girls you always see stressing about "why won't he ask me out" why don't they just ask the guy to coffee? What's so soul crushing about that? Every guy alive is expected to deal with rejection and be fine. If guys can live through it, it won't crush girls' souls.

(Side note: the women who are willing to initiate, bravo to you having guts and not expecting others to do something you're terrified of.)
Why don't girls ask guys out?
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