Girls why does she tease me?

I know this girl likes me, she always talks to me, starts conversations, and is friendly, but she teases the hell out of me, like a lot of times she'll be like, "I can't believe you just said that" or "you're mean" and that kind of stuff, and one time she was acting pissed so I just gave her a hug Because I figured if she was trying to get my attention she wanted to know I didn't hate her.

Another time her friend asked me for help, and I was going over to help her, and the girl starts standing in front of me, and won't let me walk by, so I picked her up around the stomach and moved her out of the way and she had this shocked/laughing expression.

She's relentless about it, and I don't know why... it doesn't bother me so much as confuses me, and I want to understand why.
Girls why does she tease me?
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