Surviving Without Coffee or Alcohol

Surviving Without Coffee or Alcohol

I have managed to make it my whole entire life thus far without a drop of alcohol. I have tasted coffee maybe three times, but other than that, I've been coffee free. And yet, I'm still alive. The world has not crashed before me. I date. I go to work. I socialize. I'm on time for things. I have friends. And yes, I do still go to bars and coffee shops.

I say all this because some people feel like you cannot survive without these two things in your life or that somehow you will be socially crippled because you don't imbibe. In truth, it's they who specifically need them to survive or socialize. When they go out, they can't imagine having a good time without a drink, or being able to dance with someone, or talk to them, without a drink. It's the people who require for themselves a giant Starbucks every morning and one in the afternoon to make it through their day as a fully functioning human being. All that is fine. That's you, but it's not me, or others like me.

My life isn't dependent on these substances to get through the day or night or to be able to talk to people in a bar. That's not judgment, it's just fact for me. People don't know me, but sometimes when they become aware of these things, they think it gives them license to judge me or my life. I mean, it's just a drink! A drink that does not determine success or happiness in life. If some people think no one can possibly ever have friends or date because they don't have alcohol in their lives, they probably haven't met enough people, because we're definitely out here in the world.

Beyond that, it's not hard for me to go to a bar or a coffee shop. I'm not sure why people think it would be. Both serve other beverages and when you have friends that know you don't drink either, it's not difficult to hang out. I don't judge them for drinking and they don't judge me for not drinking. There are simply just other ways to have a good time while still hanging out at these places. Nothing more, nothing less.


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  • People can live without many things -- coffee and alcohol among them. Some people live without friends or love; others, without ice cream or chocolate; others, without spending time outdoors. I'm sure I could do any or all of these things, but I see no benefit in depriving myself of life's pleasures. Moderation in all things (except love).

    If you're living consistent with your values, you're happy and not hurting anyone else, good for you!

    (I'm reminded of when my daughter, who had been a vegetarian all her life, tried meat for the first time at age 9. "I can't believe I was ever a vegetarian!" she delcared.)

    • I agree with you I mean the moderation part and love stuff and oxygen works too :)) maybe even health
      Still could you please explain last part with your daughter? She still is a vegetarian or she was?

    • @Ovidiu-Nicolae, she was a vegetarian... but once she tasted meat she decided not to be

  • I hated coffee and alcohol but I did taste it
    I stop on alcohool when I try to get drunk and puked all out...


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