Since when wine is considered feminine?

I saw the poll results of a question here called "What's your favorite drink among those?" or something like that, and wine got 15 votes from females, and 2 from males. 1 of those 2 it was me.

It surprises me, because I know many guys who drink wine, and they're not gay or something.


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  • I dont think its considered feminine, i just think its not near as popular with men as it is with women...

    • Perfect response here. Yeah i mean, wealthier man drink alot' of wine. The Overwhelmingly percentage of men drink beer. Some people eve say mixed cocktails are too feminine for guys.

      You're right... drinking wine doesn't indicate your sexual preference.

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • In some cultures, wine is just the normal thing men and women drink, in some men drank beer or whiskey traditionally, and women flocked to wine more recently.

    On average women like beer less than men, because they take small sips, and sips of beer taste worse because of the service oxidation.


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  • Not sure. If it's because of the glass you're holding and how it's held people are immature lol To me it's very sexy if a guy had interest in wines and knew some history behind it. Don't worry about them fools


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