Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!


Women fact: they are the meanest creatures.

I've always been the kind of person that doesn't enjoy the company of a girl as much as that of a guy. The truth about girls is that they are very competitive with each other, they enjoy gossiping about each other, they always want to be and look the best, and they are very dramatic. And that's the difference between girls and guys. Guys seem to actually care and love each other more than girls do. They could care less about who looks better, who's more stylish, about who did what, what somebody lied about, or about what others are hiding.

Guys tend to be more chill, they hate dealing with dramatic situations, and that, my friends, is what makes their lives a better place to live in.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I'm saying that girls are generally mean from my personal experience. I have NEVER had a true girl friend. Over the years, the girls who I thought were my friends turned out to be fake. And their motives to being "my friends" were the following:

- Most of them pretended to be my friends cause I was the smartest one in class and I used to be the only one who understood what the teachers said and the only one who did the homework. So basically, they just were using me to get their homework done and to be able to copy the test from me.

- When I finally thought I had a best friend who got me so well and who actually appreciated the kind of person I am, it turned out that she was just my bff in order to keep an eye on me since her boyfriend was in my class and since him and I were really good friends.

- One of my "good friends" turned out to be pretending to be nice to me just because her crush and I used to get each other and get along with each other too well and we used to have so many things in common.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I also had "freinds" who were jealous because of my likeable personality (I don't mean to boast) and because I used to get a lot of attention from guys (now seriously, i'm really not trying to boast about it or anything). I'd rather call them frenemies not friends. So usually, those girls used to be incredibly nice to my face that they used to kiss and hug me whenever we saw each other, but then they used to talk about me behind my back.

Another demonstration to how mean and awful girls are:
I was once sick and missed a couple of courses. We later had an exam on what they did then. So before that, I asked one of the girls (nicely and adorable-ly) to send me what the professor gave them. At first, she gave me an awkward ugly look and said okay. But she didn't send me anything. I then reminded her about them and she said she was gonna do it when she gets home. But she didn't. That girl was obviously doing it on purpose for some reason since she wasn't such a busy girl to forget about what I asked her for. I then asked a guy that I have barely spoken to during classes and so he nicely and immediately agreed to help me. So, I still don't get what that girl's deal was since she didn't have any good reason to not wanna help me. I never did anything bad to her. Cause I'm a VERY nice person.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

To conclude:

I wanna say that every girl has this mean and cruel side no matter how close she is to her girlfriend. Women tend to even be nicer and willing to help a guy than a girl. Maybe that's cause they like to impress the dudes around them. But I still don't get why they have to be mean. Okay, I admit some of them are the same with guys. And I'm on the guy's side this time cause I know that girls can be unbelievable and their actions don't make any sense most of the time. I'd choose a guy best friend over a girl best friend any day since you can never be 100% sure that your girlfriend will always be on your side, but I kinda know that the guy can be more loyal to me than a girl ever was.
From my personal experiences, my guy friends never let me down. They seemed to be more trustworthy and understanding. I have never met a girl who wasn't at least a bit judgmental.
It's pretty sad actually since I'm a girl. But I have NEVER disappointed anyone. I have NEVER betrayed anyone. I have NEVER insulted anyone. I have NEVER hurt anyone. I have NEVER made anyone feel inferior to me. I have NEVER showed anyone that I didn't like them. And I sure have NEVER been mean to anyone.

I am always there for anyone who needs me. I always help others whether they asked for my help or not. It simply makes me feel happy and satisfied. I always make people feel loved. And I'm always nice to everyone even to the meanest of girls.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I'm sorry if you guys think I exaggerated but this is just how I always felt towards my girl friends. And I mean no offence to the girls on G@G since I've met really nice girls around here. And that's a thing that doesn't happen everyday in my world.

As much as it makes me angry when guys think that I'm just like the other girls, i'm actually glad I'm not a dude cause I don't have to put up with all the girly stuff when it comes to being in a relationship.

Once again, I'm really sorry girls, but you can't blame me. That's probably just my bad luck for having had such horrible girlfriends.

Thanks for understanding!

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!
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  • Rainie_
    Oh my this is so stereotypical I can't even... Smh 😐 First off, guys are not always "dramaless", heck some of my guy friends go through so much drama I don't even know how they deal 😂 (hooking up with some dudes girlfriend or ex, real bad tensions and fights). I also had a problem with a guy who I told a lot of my secrets to, thinking he wouldn't tell anyone but yeah he told all his guy friends in his clique 😕 then again I can't complain, usually I tell my best friends others secrets because that's just what we do and we keep it in our group.
    I do understand you why you may think girls have so much drama, and well I can't deny the most dramatic/difficult person I know is a girl friend of mine. Doesn't mean guys aren't any better though, honestly I've had "personally" way more problems and drama with her overly dramatic brother than her 😅 And he looooves drama so much, we'd constantly argue day in day out in class, drained so much of my energy... 😑 Chill, my ass.
    I don't know maybe we've just come across completely opposite people. I mean, I know a lot of dudes that love to gossip...
    I just wanted to say, you can't put genders in two boxes when you're discussing social situations, everyone is different, humans are so complex. I have my best girl friend whom I trust more than my family, and we know so much about each other and been through so much together that our bond is so strong and loyal, I legit consider her my other half.
    And also, you can't say you've never disappointed anyone or never hurt anyone, you don't know how they feel... Sometimes I get disappointed in people but I just don't tell them. And everyone is judgmental. That's just a fact, some are just more than others and it is definitely NOT a gender thing at all. You are being judgmental right now of other girls. Just saying...
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    • That's another point of view..

    • jormungand

      I think I remember OP saying this was purely from her experience. Just saying...

    • GirlsLie

      @jormungan What is the point in writing something completely stereotyping and generalizing an entire gender based off of your personal experience, if in your head you know not everyone has had the same experiences as you or if you know that your opinion doesn't speak for everyone.

      Also claiming in your title "Women fact" and then saying "but oh it's just my experience" is ridiculous lol

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  • GirlsLie
    Meh, I really dislike when girl's refuse to be friends with other girls, they're always the ones saying "girls are too much drama" "girls turn on you" "girls are catty". Well wtf are you when you refuse to be friends with anyone from an entire gender based on your experience with a few. That's pretty damn catty to me.

    And if you've managed to only ever encounter bad girl friends, then maybe it's you?

    I don't have guy friends, I only have girl friends because guys who approach me and want to be friends with me start by asking me if i'm single, I have no interest in being friends with someone who would stick their dick in me if I let them, it's just a weird situation for me and uncomfortable. I'm not opposed to the idea of a guy friend but i'm not becoming friends with someone who started the conversation by asking if I was single lol

    And of course i've had bad experiences with girls but I also have a few best friends who are really amazing and we would do anything in the world for each other.
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    • I don't think she ever said she would never be friends with any girl -- in fact she has recounted her experiences with them.

    • Yes exactly @Transigence

      And I sure didn't say that I'm never gonna talk to girls or befriend them. I just stated the fact that I would much rather prefer the friendship with a guy than that of a girl.

    • But there's nothing wrong with a girl for the most part having guy friends if that's what she prefers. Some people just like it better that way. I have seen guys like that, that have mostly girl friends. Some people just connect better with the opposite sex even on a platonic level.

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  • XRabbitHeartX
    " The truth about girls is that they are very competitive with each other, they enjoy gossiping about each other, they always want to be and look the best, and they are very dramatic"

    "I wanna say that every girl has this mean and cruel side no matter how close she is to her girlfriend. "

    Assumptions much? Do you realize this information is based off completely generalizations and not facts? This is why we can't have nice things. People assuming things about others just based off whether they have a vagina or not. I'm sorry but you don't know anything about me (I'm not competitive, don't enjoy gossip and I'm certainly not very dramatic and I'm actually a fucking good friend) and neither do you know all other women on this planet.

    Sure we've all had bad experiences with people sometimes. Heck my best friend of 15 years left my side at the beginning of this year and hurt me tons. Majority of the female friends I had went with her and left me. I know the feels... I really do. But not once has that made me think all women are somehow bitchy and terrible. That's like me saying because I've been treated like shit by most guys in real life it somehow means they are all assholes. No... they're not. I just happened to make some bad choices or in some cases it was a situation beyond my control that I didn't anticipate.

    Here's the key... people should start separating your gender from your personality traits. Some PEOPLE have mean personality traits and are simply no good. That doesn't make a entire gender mean by default.

    Also if you think guys don't get competitive then I have some bad news for you...
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    • 1. I didn't say guys are perfect
      2. I did say there are exceptions for women
      3. Those were based on MY experiences so nothing u can say can change my views on this unless I actually see it.
      4. I understand what u just said, I really do, but oh well..

    • Saying it's a "exception" for a woman to not be mean is quite a statement. I guess you could say it's a "exception" then for men to be loving and nice considering how many non-loving nice guys I've dealt with...

      See how irrational that is to think that way.

    • Then I guess that means we've both been through completely different experiences. I can't change ur opinion and u can't change mine. Thats the life each one of us was meant to have. Bam. Problem solved.

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  • Mycatseth
    Hey, I am friends with two girls and one guy. We are like a tiny little group of friends. We all hate rumours, being the subject of many, thanks to the whole girls being friends with guys!! May I point out we are JUST FRIENDS!! Yes that is possible!! Anyway, I don't think I'm bitchy. At least I try not to be. I don't mither, in fact I rarely speak!! I'm like you that everyone always comes to me for homework help. So I try to be as kind as I can to everyone. I don't even respond to rumours. So I'm sorry, but I disagree. Girls aren't all mean, its just certain aspects of their lives that make them mean. Different girls are going to be more vunrable to peer pressure.
    Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I can completely understand why you feel that way but I don't agree. Not all girls are mean. There are a lot that aren't. You sound like one of us. Sorry that this was so long!!! Loved the 'why I rather have a guy best friend thing' I totally agree!! Girls are a little bit more emotional than guys!! :-) :-) :-) :-)
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    • I see where you're come from, and thanks for commenting! :)

  • Hopefuldreamer8
    Sounds like you've hung out with the wrong girls. I've had that experience too, but I have some loyal girl friends. It's hard sometimes and I've noticed I have more guy friends than girl friends.

    One thing I've noticed is that it was always girls who were rude to me about my looks. I'm ugly and I've been told that most of my life. Guys have said it too, but it was mainly girls who have said it. One woman who had to have been older than me barked at me a few weeks ago.

    Right now I work with all men. They've always all taken care of me, even the one who hates me will go out of his way to help me. Before I moved to that line, I worked with mostly women. Threw of the older women did everything to try and sabotage me and this other girl around my age. We were both in our early 20s at that point. Her and I stuck together and we are still friends. These older women for some reason hated us. Her and I are both shy. We just worked. We didn't do anything to them.

    I think sometimes it's jealously and insecurity. However I'm also insecure because of How ugly I am, and I've never tried to betray anyone. I just keep to myself. I have anxiety. Sometimes I can't even talk around people and girls intimidate me more than guys.
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    • Yes exactly... screw those women. They're not even worth thinking about.

  • lumos
    Aaaand this is what internalized misogyny looks like.
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    • The patriarchy is real, and it's inside of you!

    • lumos

      @Transigence well in a sense, yeah. To want to exclude yourself from other women so badly, prove that you're "different" or "one of the guys" and stereotyping women as some kind of overly emotional, manipulative drama queens is the result of a patriarchy that oppresses women and stereotypes them this way. I can't blame her for not wanting to be a part of that stereotype, no woman does, but you don't do that by excluding other women and thinking that you're vastly different from them. You don't get rid of a stereotype by keeping the stereotype alive, removing only yourself from it, you know. These are not "women facts", these are bad stereotypes. Women can be mean, kind, thoughtful, manipulative, chill, drama queens, and anything in between, just like guys. The important part is finding the good people and sticking with them, instead of ostracizing EVERYONE due to some bad experiences in the past.

    • There is no such patriarchy as characterized by feminist literature. Stereotypes come about because there is a degree of truth to them. Women are terrible to each other. Almost every woman I ask don't like other women either. Women treat each other like shit.

      And none of this has anything to do with "the patriarchy" and everything to do with sexual competition.

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  • YusiBear

    Girls are scary, they have psychological brain manipulative powers that mess with you!

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  • Chantel77
    OMG that happens to me!!! Actually recently: girl in my class who I'm kind of cool with says she'll send me the pictures of what's on the board because my phone died at the time so I put my number in.
    Nothing over the weekend and I didn't have her number so I had to wait til Monday. I ask her why she didn't send it and she said she did... turns out it was a random # because she 'forgot' I put my number in her phone so I laugh and she said she'll send it. I thought she was gonna send it right there in class but Nope! And it's been 2 days but she told the other girl (who's she's closer to) that she'll send it to her

    Then last semester this girl told me to write down my email so she could send me the practice test (idk why she didn't just put it in her phone). She was taking too long so I assumed she forgot and since I barely knew her I didn't wanna ask so I ask the professor (which I should have done in the first place) and then a few hours after the professor sends it the girl does! Like really but I still told her thanks

    ****Anyways I wouldn't give up on female friends. Guy friends are nice but they don't last long unless maybe hehe's gay. The friendship is always nice in the beginning but then there's usually tension of someone liking the other.

    I'm a nice girl but I'm pretty shy so most of the good female friends I've made are ones with similar personalities to me. It's pretty hard to find a true friend but they're awesome
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    • Oh my god, wow. I felt so good after reading this, thank you! >:D<

    • Chantel77

      Lol ya I thought I was the only one!
      But now it gets worse the girl was in class and acted like nothing happened and I think I found out the reason why she doesn't like me... turns out she has her eye on the guy who's my lab partner. Well he was kinda flirty with me but I had no reaction and we're kind of friends since he's the nicest to me in the group.
      I think they exchanged numbers today so she got what she wanted but he still talks to me more but Not as much as before since I'm not flirty I guess

  • CapricornSwagL
    Great! Another self woman hater. Females will never have equal rights because women hate women smh and if we hate ourselves we don't support each other (to get equal right). This is why I hate being one, I still support women though. Shame
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    • Name one right that American men have that American women don't

    • @ShayanMortazavi How tf am I a moron for stating facts? You're the idiot. Yes we have most of those right but people that does those jobs (where a women is going the same thing men do sont get paid the same amount) dont follow the non sexist rule. The entire world is sexist. Women are seen as hoes for sleeping around as men are seen as better. If a woman wants something better, she's seen as a man hater. Feminist that are fighting against unfairness is seen as man haters. Women are excepted to change their last name (they grew up in home and taught to do it so they do). Women dont have control over our bodies when it comes to abortion, they're judged harshly. We're blamed for getting raped. The list goes on. And person with eyes and common sense will know that

    • Women do get paid equally to men, it's just that women tend to go for lower paying jobs. And abortion is murder. That's another persons body, not yours.

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  • pineappleshortcare
    Sorry to disagree, but I've always had awesome female friends and relatives who were there for me through thick and thin. My male friendships have been more complex due to sexual tensions, but some of them have been pretty good too. I've never ever understood these kinds of posts.
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  • Ohokay
    Yep. I never trust women who talk bad about someone else. I've known plenty of women that the moment I met them, they were talking about someone else negatively, even if it's something really subtle. If she talks trash about someone else, she will talk trash about you
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  • kxera
    Tbh, Men gossip and instigate more than women. Women just probably act on the gossip more often. Men are also more full of themselves. Men also talk shit just as much. They just know how to brush things off more rather than retaliating verbally in a sense that creates a huge scene. All of these things have been proven in studies.

    Either way, all humans starts shit and perpetuate it.
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  • udolipixie
    Meh different experiences I tend to find hetero guys are the most mean hateful bitter creature. I find gals to be way less judgmental, hypocritical, and far more understanding. My only disappointment in life is that I am unfortunately heterosexual rather than homosexual or bisexual.

    I prefer female friends as there is:
    - no drama
    I find guys tend to be half-hearted friends with their real intention being to f*ck

    - they won't spread my secrets
    I find guys tend to put on a front when gals are around and when it is all males their true self comes out.

    - they consider me a sister
    I find guys tend to have severe difficulties seeing gals as human beings much less nonsexual persons. With my gal pals I am like a sister. With guys I find at best I am the friend they want to f*ck nothing sisterly about that to me.

    - they protect me
    I find guys are prone to assault, harassment, and rape. Most gals are raped by guys they know. While a guy friend may try to get me drunk/high to f*ck me while I am unconscious or incapacitated my gal pals will 'cockblock'

    - they can introduce me to their friends
    I find guys tend to be put off on a gal pal f*cking his friends because he wants to f*ck her.

    - they are good listeners and give good advice
    I rarely find a guy that isn't a trained professional who can do this. Instead I find most guys just hear what they want to hear or let a gal speak long enough so he can talk.

    I find guys also have a tendency to be polite/nice in front of their female friends and talk about them behind their back. Take for instance a guy who is nice to his gal pal yet calls her stuckup, stupid, slutty, a b*tch for putting him in the friendzone.

    Plus guys seem to have such a sexist yet victimhood mindset. Seemingly guys are oh so much better than gals who are evil (insert negatives) but the poor menz are downtrodden by society because only males have issues... any issues gals have don't compare. Gals on the other hand seem to be quite empathetic and play down their troubles just to be liked.
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  • DeflectedAileron
    It seems that women who love drama feed off other people's misery. Any achievements will resolve them into writhing, jealous and gossiping women. It happens a lot in my family, where my aunts become jealous of my success and that my cousins aren't doing any better. They focus on my negative things and even slander to the rest of the family. Men tend to stay away from drama and from what I have gathered, they hate gossiping and talking negative about other's the same way women do. I wish women would stop being so competitive and jealous. I have lost a lot of male friends to their girlfriends, deluded in their mind that I don't respect boundaries and that I am going to take them away despite that I have no desire to destroy their relationship. I am too focused on my career to care about relationships and these women don't see it. I don't even dress provocatively of wear makeup when I am hanging out with their partners, so I have no idea as to why they restrict my friends from seeing me. I never flirt and even if their boyfriends flirt with me, I would remind them of their girlfriends and try to state the positive things I can think of them. I am tired of women being insecure and running up to drag their boyfriends away when they come up to speak to be about perfectly normal things.
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    • What you have said above is very true. The same thing has also happened to me, and I am saying this because I currently study in a male dominated career. Once, I was sick for an exam. I asked the girls around me what the professor had said, which were hi to he gave before the exam. They all stated that they forgot, mocked me or gave me dirty looks. And they were my friends! However, I asked a guy I had no relations with whatsoever and I was so surprised he told me everything, even advice how to succeed in my exam! It makes me wish that I was a guy sometimes, so I would get away from all this drama. Men tend to be aggressive and women are passive aggressive, which is the worst form of aggression in my opinion. Men will never be mean to each other in the way women do. I can't understand why women can't lift each other up as a community and support each other through success. Being happy for each other is conserving positive energy, and you feel better about yourself than being insecure.

    • *hints

    • Finally someone who understands! Thanks!

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  • Possible_Mate
    i kinda get where you're coming from. i think you've just had pretty terrible friends so far. i find i usually end up with more male friends than females, just due to my interests and personality. ex) one good female friend in highschool, with 3-4 good male friends. i was just happy to get friends period. i do think young girls can be a lot more bitchy though. i speak from the experience of myself and my younger sisters in elementary school. when we moved there i ended up with one girl friend, mostly because she was a bit of a loner. and most of the other girls were pretty nasty. in the second to last year i mostly hung out with the boys and her. my second youngest sister was just treated poorly by the kids in her grade. most of them were little shits. but she was hurt the most by the girls calling her a "friend" and being bitchy behind her back. the same thing is and has been happening with my youngest sister. most of the girls in her class are terrible. and she's outed because of it. and she's still at that age where being best friends with a boy is taboo, and she would probably be further outed by those nasty little girls. so would i say that generally it easier to be friends with guys? yes. because i know how bad girls can be. not that i'm saying ill never be or don't want to be friends with girls, but it just seems less likely.
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  • loveisbeautiful
    I get what you're saying and I know how you feel to some extent. I just find it REALLY hard to relate to girls, because I'm just not like most girls and that makes things difficult because there's no common ground. So, I get it.

    Also, I'm sorry you've had such crappy friends. I can relate to that, my friend track record isn't that great and I even went 5 years without any friends at all. It wasn't until I came on here and met one of my two best friends, that I finally understood what friendship was and what being a best friend is all about. Now, I have two really wonderful (guy) best friends. Granted I met them both online but, that doesn't matter to me.

    So, I get a lot of what you're saying here. I truly get it.
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  • Tromba
    โ€œOn one issue, at least, men and women agree: they both distrust womenโ€

    H. L. Mencken
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  • Hughhefner
    Guys are nice and chill with you because they want you to like them and eventually sleep with them. Very few guys ever wanna be just friends with girls they like. In fact that's there worst nightmare and hence the most infamous and loathed term "friend zone".
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    • That's not true since guys don't like every single woman they meet. And u can't say that my guy friends are sweet to me just cuz they want me to sleep with them

    • Hughhefner

      Trust me I am a guy I know. Men and women can never be just friends.

    • And that's where you're so wrong mister.

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  • MysteriousFlower
    Guys are competitive and bitchy but they will say it in your face and girls will spread hell behind your back. I am not true friends with any gender as the girls wanted something and the guys were careless. However having said that both genders can be kind people, just got to be at the right place. 😊
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  • PT1911
    Just remember that the ideal guy best friend will probably start developing feelings for you.

    Whether or not he confesses those feelings is totally different lol
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  • Stacyzee
    I have the same experience you do unfortunately.

    I'm still trying to see if that loyal female friend will ever come...
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    • Stacyzee

      I'm a very attractive woman and the few friends I have had, tried to compete with me or throw me under the bus because they hated I got more attention

    • Maybe you're looking for friends in the wrong place. I am attractive and my best friend is awesome. I also have friends in uni and they are great girls as well. I've had bad girl friends and bad boy friends and the opposite

    • Stacyzee

      There are different types of attractive though. Where I am from while getting from point a to point. literally almost every guy is looking at me in a sexual way or trying to get my number.
      It's plain annoying half the time.
      Not every woman gets attention like this.

      I'm sure there are decent women out there I haven't found them yet.
      I wish I did because often times I get lonely or want another woman to relate to me.
      It's way easier for me to make male friends , I don't even have to try.
      I'm kind of over it though, I've accepted that you don't always get what you want and perhaps I'll never have a loyal female friend.

      I know attractive girls can have friends it just has not been my luck

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