Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!


Women fact: they are the meanest creatures.

I've always been the kind of person that doesn't enjoy the company of a girl as much as that of a guy. The truth about girls is that they are very competitive with each other, they enjoy gossiping about each other, they always want to be and look the best, and they are very dramatic. And that's the difference between girls and guys. Guys seem to actually care and love each other more than girls do. They could care less about who looks better, who's more stylish, about who did what, what somebody lied about, or about what others are hiding.

Guys tend to be more chill, they hate dealing with dramatic situations, and that, my friends, is what makes their lives a better place to live in.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I'm saying that girls are generally mean from my personal experience. I have NEVER had a true girl friend. Over the years, the girls who I thought were my friends turned out to be fake. And their motives to being "my friends" were the following:

- Most of them pretended to be my friends cause I was the smartest one in class and I used to be the only one who understood what the teachers said and the only one who did the homework. So basically, they just were using me to get their homework done and to be able to copy the test from me.

- When I finally thought I had a best friend who got me so well and who actually appreciated the kind of person I am, it turned out that she was just my bff in order to keep an eye on me since her boyfriend was in my class and since him and I were really good friends.

- One of my "good friends" turned out to be pretending to be nice to me just because her crush and I used to get each other and get along with each other too well and we used to have so many things in common.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I also had "freinds" who were jealous because of my likeable personality (I don't mean to boast) and because I used to get a lot of attention from guys (now seriously, i'm really not trying to boast about it or anything). I'd rather call them frenemies not friends. So usually, those girls used to be incredibly nice to my face that they used to kiss and hug me whenever we saw each other, but then they used to talk about me behind my back.

Another demonstration to how mean and awful girls are:
I was once sick and missed a couple of courses. We later had an exam on what they did then. So before that, I asked one of the girls (nicely and adorable-ly) to send me what the professor gave them. At first, she gave me an awkward ugly look and said okay. But she didn't send me anything. I then reminded her about them and she said she was gonna do it when she gets home. But she didn't. That girl was obviously doing it on purpose for some reason since she wasn't such a busy girl to forget about what I asked her for. I then asked a guy that I have barely spoken to during classes and so he nicely and immediately agreed to help me. So, I still don't get what that girl's deal was since she didn't have any good reason to not wanna help me. I never did anything bad to her. Cause I'm a VERY nice person.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

To conclude:

I wanna say that every girl has this mean and cruel side no matter how close she is to her girlfriend. Women tend to even be nicer and willing to help a guy than a girl. Maybe that's cause they like to impress the dudes around them. But I still don't get why they have to be mean. Okay, I admit some of them are the same with guys. And I'm on the guy's side this time cause I know that girls can be unbelievable and their actions don't make any sense most of the time. I'd choose a guy best friend over a girl best friend any day since you can never be 100% sure that your girlfriend will always be on your side, but I kinda know that the guy can be more loyal to me than a girl ever was.
From my personal experiences, my guy friends never let me down. They seemed to be more trustworthy and understanding. I have never met a girl who wasn't at least a bit judgmental.
It's pretty sad actually since I'm a girl. But I have NEVER disappointed anyone. I have NEVER betrayed anyone. I have NEVER insulted anyone. I have NEVER hurt anyone. I have NEVER made anyone feel inferior to me. I have NEVER showed anyone that I didn't like them. And I sure have NEVER been mean to anyone.

I am always there for anyone who needs me. I always help others whether they asked for my help or not. It simply makes me feel happy and satisfied. I always make people feel loved. And I'm always nice to everyone even to the meanest of girls.

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!

I'm sorry if you guys think I exaggerated but this is just how I always felt towards my girl friends. And I mean no offence to the girls on G@G since I've met really nice girls around here. And that's a thing that doesn't happen everyday in my world.

As much as it makes me angry when guys think that I'm just like the other girls, i'm actually glad I'm not a dude cause I don't have to put up with all the girly stuff when it comes to being in a relationship.

Once again, I'm really sorry girls, but you can't blame me. That's probably just my bad luck for having had such horrible girlfriends.

Thanks for understanding!

Women fact: They are the meanest creatures!
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