The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Cycling girls

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Cycling = thick thighs. Good cardiovascular health, very feminine women. Calves, OMG calves. Super hot!

Gymnastic girls

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Very high discipline. Attractive body and quite the contortionist.

Loves showing off her skills. Knows how to put up a show.

Swimmer girls

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Good blood flow, good fitness. Strong pelvic floor muscles. Also strong arms (some men are into that). Competitive.

Farm girls

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

Knows all the traditional dishes and how too cook them. Modest in public but an animal in the bedroom.

Historical reenactment girl

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!

She wants you to be an actual knight in shining armor.
Will be your servant maid or princess at historical reenactment events and in the bedroom. Your choice.

The 5 Best Types of Women Ever!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • ChronicThinker

    1) Inconvenient in traffic girl.
    2) Can suck my cock with her legs behind her head girl.
    3) Can save my ass when men can't get off the Titanic before the women and children girl.
    4) Can hog tie, castrate, and butcher an entire cow for dinner girl.
    5) 100 per cent down for sexy roleplay girl.

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  • MajesticTwelve

    Going to ruin Cycling girls for you.
    Looks like a lot of research shows they have very wide vaginal canals from all the time spent on that bike seat, sometimes resulting in cervical prolapse.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Kiran_Yagami

    First 3 are more or less the same, athletic girls. No go on farm girls. I don't like armpit hair and lack of hygiene. "Historical reenactment" girls tend to be on the emo/liberal side, which is another no go. I've spent plenty of time in that crowd.

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  • Anonymous

    It's really a matter of personal preference. For example, my two favorite types of women ever are anal women and oral women. In fact, women who display both of those qualities at the same time are the very best women of all.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Keith469

    Theoretical physicist girls are the hottest, sorry.

  • Joy_Chatterjee

    Being a swimmer and a cyclist, I'll choose the historical reenactment girl. She's has so much to talk about and what's more sexy than a girl who knows her stuff.

  • They are all kinda basic and nothing and not super talented except the gymnast who is very talented but resembles a young boy usually for her sport. But very interesting

  • LoU_Hades

    Do you like calves on females?
    classic dancer... calves are like steel, sexy body and a girl who dances like a goddess in nightclubs with you is the addition.

  • winterfox10

    I like the first 3 and last 1, but you lost me with "farm girl." That's probably just my inner intellectual, artsy-jock talking, but I don't really know that a country girl is quite right for me.

  • molonski2

    Oh yeah , Im picking cycling , that picture here is incredible , but cycling girls in general are great.

  • Ally247

    I'm sorry, I'm missing from this list so can't be that true

    • Clarke498

      What would that lsat point be then?

    • Ally247

      Just me

    • Fuentes

      Your to young calm. down

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  • MoneyBeets

    Honestly who dafaq thinks the women in the farm and swimming pics are actually women. They look transgender. HARD TO TELL!

  • Xavier1954

    Definitely personal preference there are also so very sexy body builders, pole vaulters (no rude remarks thanks), Triathlon women, there are a lot more than 5 sexy types.

  • Rocket99

    I don't really like at all Olympic swimmers. They tend to become too pumped. But i love gymnasts so much. That is my favourite type

  • Piteka5

    My kind it's only the two last, you can add the politically active one, the bookish one and the Christian one, those would be my 5 types

  • Therisinghero12

    I've always been a fan of women that breath, they're the best :P

  • Kayla45

    Interesting take, lots of different women with different personalities.

  • missyme3

    All women are the best we r all hard workers we bare the whole world. If it where not for us their be no u!

  • All of them are great. I was sad to see dustance runners left out, though.

  • Holy_Ghost_Fire

    I basically agree with that. I'd also think women who love Jesus are amazing.

    • Keith469

      How many lovers does that dude have?

  • Smegskull

    Shame they are too busy doing those things to have a relationship.

  • SkipStop

    Conservative women

  • jennifer_bloom

    Its creative - I like the cycling one

  • DeeDeeDeVour

    Only 2 out of 5 for me. :) Lol.

  • So basically most girls lol

  • FunkyMonkee

    1, 5 and maybe 2.

  • Browneye57

    How 'bout just one that WANTS you?

  • oddwaffle

    They are all white.

    That's not very accurate.

  • Kavya190


  • lovedejj_xo

    Well I made one... swimming.

  • Joker_

    I disagree

  • what ever happenend to personality

  • Tomsta

    What about dancer girls and riding girls?

  • Syrian_survivor

    This is pretty looks-based, not accurate at all xD

  • Fuentes

    All these girls boring

  • Gedaria

    Cycling girls oh yes very very nice ….

  • RetroEric

    Mixed girls, Latinas, and Asian chicks 👍

  • Gooseylovesu

    Lol I’m the cycling one
    Anyone else?

  • 0uttaLuck

    Porn stars

  • daddy1995

    gyms ❤️

  • aussieguy12354

    Historic girl

  • Anonymous

    Bicycling girls because they are super sexy and Historical reenactment girl because I don’t know why I just like them

  • Anonymous

    What about ice skating girls? Rip to the gratuitous crotch shot.
    Or Volleyball girls with the firm tight butts crammed into shorts a size to small? Then kind of butt you'd just love to play the bongos on.

  • Anonymous

    Some day you will be able to date an actual girl and you will be able to put this nonsense behind you.

  • Anonymous

    Love cycling gals