A Girl With Mostly Male Friends


So, I saw this question:

What do guys think of girls that have only or mostly male friends?

Firstly, loving the picture considering I was a huge fan of Girl Meets World and without Boy Meets World, we wouldn't have had Girl Meets World😂👌🏾💁🏾‍♀️🌍

Secondly the responses I saw on that question😂😂😂

For real, they got me thinking:


And then I remembered this is G@G😂😂

Before I begin, I saw a lot of people were indifferent and cool with it- so shoutout to them you know who are👉🏾😂👉🏾

And secondly, I'm gonna start firing back at those opinions but first for those of you who don't read what I write or don't know me I'll give you a little bit of background on myself:

So throughout primary school and secondary school most of my friends were girls, and I had a few friends who were dudes. But I recently started college, and at college most of friends are dudes. Now that just happened. I didn't plan it to be like that or anything, I don't sit there on planning how I'll make friends😂😂I have friends who are girls at college too, but most of my friends are dudes and I'm friends with people I'm friends with at college because they're cool people- it's that simple.

Anyways now time to respond to some of those opinions, wish me luck😂😂:

#1 Ones saying it's a "Red Flag"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

Let me guess why y'all are saying that. Because she might cheat if you dare to get with her? Or some other BS reason similar to that?

Maybe she doesn't make friends with people based on their gender, but based their characteristics. Oh yeah, how dare she choose not to be friends with a certain number of people because even though they're pretty cool, they happen to be a different gender.

#2 "Desperate incels"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

Well not in my case anyway. One of them is dating one of my friends and they've been pretty solid for about a year maybe a little more now, I don't know- I don't keep a calendar😂

The others don't have girlfriends and similar to me at this moment in time, I don't think they're interested in dating or relationships yet.

And trust me, if they were incels, the minute I found that out- our friendship would be over😂

#3 "Likes dick and wants options", "options for casual sex "

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

So yes, I'm straight. But I don't "want options" or "casual sex". I'm the type of person, who would rather wait until marriage and just, do THAT with one person who commits to me and who I am also committed to.

I think opinions like those are a way of indirectly slut-shaming.

"Oh she's friends with a bunch of guys, that means she must want to fuck them all."

No, I'm sorry not sorry, I am not really interested in any of them like that- I haven't even thought about any of them like that... I mean, come on they're friends, that would be weird af.

Just because a girl is friends with a bunch of guys, or a guy is friends with a bunch of girls- it doesn't mean the main objective of the friendship is sex.

Grow up.

#4 "They don't trust other women."

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

No, I still have friends who are girls. I wouldn't not trust somebody because they're a girl I'd not trust somebody because of their actions whether they be a dude or a girl.

I'm friends with the dudes I'm friends with, because they're cool people, and we have stuff in common- not because I don't trust other girls. And I'm friends with girls for the same reason.

#5 "Flirt"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

So I'm not a flirt.

Dude, I don't have the effort to flirt with anyone, mainly because I don't want a relationship, but even if I did I'm not really one to walk up to some dude and start flirting with him.

#6 "It means the topics she likes are more masculine. which means it's a lot easier to get on with her as a man. since I have no self-confidence issues, I'd rather consider it a positive thing."

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

Topics she likes are more masculine? Well personally, I find the whole concept of "masculine" and "feminine" a little stupid. Things are things. Either gender can like them, they don't need labels. It's just a more grown up way of saying: "This is for boys, that is for girls."

But society choose to label them so here we are, and yes, in a number of instances I've seen girls who typically hang with more dudes are interested in more things which society considers to be "masculine".

Personally, given what society says is masuline and feminine- I wouldn't really consider myself to have "masculine" interests. I don't like watching or playing sports, I don't like playing rough, a number of video games (i.e. fortnite) are not for me, and I could go on. I wouldn't really consider my interests to be "masculine" or "feminine". They're just my "things" I guess.

And I don't think me being friends with dudes would make me easier to "get with" I'd just straight up say "no" to anyone who asked me out.

What I can completely agree with this person on, is they have no self confidence issues because honestly man, it looks like you don't and you're just really chill with a girl hanging with whoever she wants to hang with.

#7 "Other girls can't stand them"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

Not true. I've known girls who hang around with mostly dudes, and I think they're pretty good people. I can stand them. ;)

And with me, I have friends who are girls, and I don't have no drama with anyone at college. Other girls who I'm not really friends with but I just know from my classes are pretty nice to me- I don't really think they care, which gender I hangout with more. It's the 21st century, just saying.

#8 "Doesn't get along with girls and their typical group behavior"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

I get what this dude means by "typical" behaviour, but honestly, every girl I'm friends with doesn't have that "typical-ness" about them. I get along with plenty of girls, because they're nice people, just like I get along with dudes.

#9 "She wants them to want her"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

No, no, no. No. I'm sorry not sorry but no. Nah. Not a chance. Haha, no. How many more ways can I say "no" lol?

What I want, is them to continue being my friends, without any awkwardness or intention to get with me. Especially the one dating my friend. If I found out he somehow liked me, I'd slap him and ask him "what about your girlfriend?"

Nuff said😂😂

#10 "Something is wrong with her. Why other girls don't want her?"

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

There is nothing wrong with me, or any girl I know who hangs out with mostly dudes.

And I'm friends with lots of other girls, they just happen to go to a different college so I don't hangout with them as often as I do with my friends at college.

I choose to hangout with who I hangout with, it's not like:

Me: *Goes to hangout with a bunch of girls*

The girls: "Ew, there is something wrong with you. We don't want you."

Me: "K, lol, bye bruhs. I'm out, see you on the 31st February.😉"

Me: *goes to hang with a bunch of guys.*

The guys: "You are normal we accept you."

That's not how it works😂😂You make friends and you happen to hangout with them sometimes, and other times, (or at least in my case) you sit in a corner and be alone because you like your alone time😂😂

#11 "You’re just an attention seeking whore with daddy issues." "She thinks it’s a personality trait."

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends

Where do I even begin with this one? Lol. I don't have any daddy-issues because I don't wanna date yet😂😂And as for attention seeking? Yeah, if the attention is on me, them I'm out😂😂I don't like attention, it's awkward. I just wanna go about my day, peacefully. Attention isn't peaceful, it's stressful lol😂.

I don't really consider it to be a personality trait either, nor have I met any girls that do. I mean sure, sometimes I complain about it to my best friend, because I can't complain to my friends at college about certain things😂😂So really I'm complaining to her about not being able to complain😂😂

Any last words?

A lot of these opinions were just straight up generalising. And if there's one thing I cannot stand it's generalising.

And I know not all girls who hang with mostly guys will be the same as me, but I'm speaking from my perspective.

I hope you enjoyed this myTake and...

Thank you for reading :) <3

PS: This got featured, so thanks for that! But the image G@G chose to put for this😂😂It lowkey makes me cringe because- I don't know, I just don't think it suits the whole vibe of the MyTake😂😂But whatever, it is, what it is- thanks for featuring😂😂

A Girl With Mostly Male Friends
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I loved this my take. And this is coming from a guy who is friends with mostly girls and live the things they love. I've always thought i was just more of an artistic person so i hang out with those with that artistic flair. I agree with you Spidey nothing wrong with liking things just to like them. And my things are just that too my things. Nothing bad about them. I can't stand generalizations and being judged by them. Im proud of you my friend. *hugs*
    Two friends chillin
    Two friends chillin
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    • Haha nice, and thanks for the opinion :)

    • You dare put spider man and super man together

      Your dare put marvel and DC in the same picture


    • @The_man_whol_aughs yes because even Stan Lee liked Superman.

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  • Lightningfire
    Very interesting 😊😊
    I have more male friends at the moment but had more female at one point. I agree with you on that you don’t go out your way to be with boys or girls, it’s just who you naturally click with. In general, I think there could be lots of reasons why a girl might only be friends with boys. Some reasons might apply to one girl and not to another. It depends 😊
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    • Exactly! Couldn't agree with you more :P

      Thanks for an awesome response full of common sense xD

Most Helpful Girls

  • LovelyLolaYXX
    My experience. U have a learning disability. There were more males then female. I got along with some males with dark sense of humour. Or dirty humour. I liked to hide my emotional thanks to high school for that. The girls in college didn't like me at. Stay away from then until I started dating. They got more aggressive ruined almost all my relationships I did have in college.
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    • Interesting experience.

      Though I am a little confused at the last part- did your guy friends ruin your relationships, or the girls who didn't like you?

    • The girls that didn't like me. Most ex bfs did cheated. That why they are ex bfs.

  • Alpha09
    My friend group is made up of mostly guys with a few girls as well. It's always been that way since childhood actually. No I don't have "daddy issues" my parents where together up until two years ago so that definitely wasn't a factor. Some people just find they make more friends of the opposite sex. Love this Mytake:)
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  • Aguysopinion4799
    I feel really sorry for girls because they get much more insults if it is a girl and lots of guy friends.

    If a guy has may female friends, it CAN get a bit degrading, but not often, sometimes guys outside of the friend group may believe the guy in the friend group is effeminate himself and not masculine, making them believe that he is a easy target to insult.

    I myself am in a group of friends that are majority female but I am friends with pretty much 97% of the people I meet, regardless of genders, it just so happens the girls I am friends with have more questions to ask me than the guys, which leads them to hang with me more often.

    The guys hang out with me too, but they don't ask as many questions without prompting, I suppose girls appear to be more confident in asking me questions that may be deemed personal for themselves.

    I genuinely feel that having a larger percentage of friends of either gender is irrelevant, it doesn't matter, it just shows which gender you get along with predominantly and that is not a big enough reason to condone insulting the person in the friend groups.

    Hope you continue to have a great friendship with all of them! <3
    • Haha, can I just say I always love your responses? xD

      And yeah, it definitely doesn't matter which gender you are/aren't friends with. People are people. If you're an awesome person and we "click" I'll be your friend- I don't discriminate about nothing, and without a doubt the same will go for you :)

      And I hope you have an amazing friendship with all of your friends too :) <3

    • Well thank you! :)
      Absolutely, your friends gender doesn't matter, it means nothing different if you have more friends of the same gender or different gender, just let people be friends with the ones they get along with :)

  • Texaskid1
    A women who has lots of male friends is an attention whore.
    Ever notice it is the goodlooking women that have all these male "friends". These guys all want to fuck her. She uses each of these guys to satisfy her need for attention. She will never give them even so much as a wiff of her 😺. Poor, thirsty saps.
    • No to me a man that dont have a home girl a female with s home boys are WHORE,
      Fact cause a whore Male or females will try to sex everything but if the have a opposite sex bff that mean they can control themself cause whore will run folks off trying to F%%$ bff etc

    • Texaskid1

      @mirratomyra Um... what dialect is this?

    • @Texaskid1 You keep thinking that😂😂😂

      You have no idea how ridiculous and backwards you are making yourself look😂😂👏🏾👏🏾

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  • Thatsamazing
    It doesn't mean you want to get fucked by all of them-- it means that some or most or all of them want to fuck you.
    • Actually, I disagree- one of them has a girlfriend, and the others just aren't like that.

    • Him having a girlfriend is irrelevant. I dunno what you mean about the others-- they're male, aren't they?

    • I didn't say some or most of them are going to TRY to fuck you-- I said some or most of them WANT to fuck you, assuming you're even decently physically attractive.

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  • ManOnFire
    I too have talked about this a lot on this site over the years. And the only reason you're hearing people saying it's a "red flag" if she has all or mostly guy friends is because they've seen me saying how I think it's a red flag when a female has all or mostly female friends instead.

    And I will tell you why: often times women with all or mostly female friends tend to be gossips, cats, and are the types who will confide more in their girlfriends than in their own man. Their like pitiful little worms who desperately need the attention, validation, or support of their own gender. Plus, these kinds of women who hate other women for having mostly male friends are probably jealous because they can see how well they get on with guys.

    Women who choose to have more male friends do it because they get sick of the bullshit between them and other women. These women want genuine connections with somebody that doesn't have to be dramatic and brewing with female narcississm. And even if she is sleeping with one of those guys, so what? They're still getting along and that's what matters.
  • TonyTheGuid0
    I always tell other guys to stay away from a girl who's friends with nothing but guys, especially if she's attractive. You get into relationship with her, she's not gonna take it seriously because she knows that she has hundreds of other men all lined up after her. Not to mention, it would cause a lot of tension and drama because a few of those guys are sure to have feelings for her. A girl with nothing but male friends is a slut, and I dont like that word, but I'm 99% sure she's screwing them.
    • "You get into relationship with her, she's not gonna take it seriously because she knows that she has hundreds of other men all lined up after her"

      Not really. Those dudes aren't exactly after her, they are literally just her friends.

      None of my dude friends have feelings for me by the way, and I'm not "screwing" any of them.

    • Chimken

      But are you the ugly friend

    • @Chimken How do you know when you haven't seen my face?😂😂

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  • brkninpcs70
    My only response is well wait till it happens to you personally, then you will understand. But untill you meet the person you want to commit to you really have no basis for a comparison. When you do and he has 25 female friends, which I guarantee you (and would put cash on it) that at least half want to steal him from you, then come back and read your response again. Js
    • I disagree. If he has 25 female friends which I doubt (because who has 25 friends anyway? lol just kidding) but as long as he keeps them 25 females his friends and still commits to me- I see no issue with it.

  • Boppy
    I think that this gets into stereotyping, spiderman fan. I think it's unfair to generalize a person's personality based on a few traits.

    In my friend groups growing up, though, I've had different personal experiences from you.
    I've seen some people like this and some people not like this.

    A few of my great friends are women who are fine spending time in whatever friend group. I don't have much to say specifically other than they're awesome and I love them as close friends.

    On the flip side, I've met four women who were the only girls in their groups and lived up to the stereotype. One person used her cuteness to complain and try and make everyone feel sorry for her (neglecting our own troubles). One had a boyfriend and insisted she was not interested, but usually faked her accent and took her shirt off at parties, making me think she wants attention. Two online who didn't flirt directly, but acted turned on if anyone flirted with them. They made lots of people on the server compete for them and be judged, and even when they accepted one of the guy's advanced they didn't tell the others. They eventually left for soul searching.

    Overall, I think that being in this dynamic shows a person to be unusual. They can be exceptionally cool or exceptionally uncool. Despite more often than not living up to the stereotype, I don't think even a majority makes the stereotype apply to everyone. If I did, I would've missed out on some best friends.
  • hinice2meetu
    Yea it's fine. But there may be a drawback. Guys may give the idea of dating u a second thought. I was really into this girl, but she was a gal pal 24/7 with every guy in the office. Which is all good! But I'd never want to try to date her, and then have to worry about her hanging out with guys all the time. U do u, and I'm sure some guys are fine with it. It's just not for me, sorry, I'd have to pass.
    • Then you pass😂😂
      And I'm sure the girl you were "into" will find someone who can handle the fact that she has friends of the opposite sex😂😂

  • Jjpayne
    Have they watched stranger things or it... I think it's good to have female energy in a guy group and it's normal
    • I have seen IT, that clown is so ugly😂😂

      Stranger things? No. I can't be bothered with most series if I'm honest with you😂😂

    • Jjpayne

      My point is looking at the ratio of boy girl. In it, there are 4 guys and one girl. In stranger things there are 4 guys and two girls

    • Ah right I get you :)

  • Cnote22
    I see it as a bit of a red flag, but only because it makes me think she’s the type that likes men “orbiting” her.

    A lot of women do this, the only problem I have with it is that I don’t see these types of unrequited love relationships as true friendships. So if a woman has a bunch of friends, all of whom I don’t really feel are her platonic friends but are actually just friend-zoned dating prospects, she’s basically a person with no friends just admirers.
  • contactjoshua
    thanks for your miles of mental gymnastics trying to justify doing whatever you want to do, stereotypical female behavior. And i, in my stereotypical male response, didn't read or pay attention to your endless blather.

    I would never date a girl with a buncha guy friends.
    • Great! And I'd never date a dude who's so immature he can't handle my friendship with others purely because they happen to be male! ^_^

  • Shiver
    They're all fucking idiots who don't get the concept of R A T I O N A L T H I N K I N G. Nothing you can really do about that. Calling women with lots of male friends whores because "hurr durr you can't be just friends with the opposite gender" is fucking retarded and is something only literal children say. I lost a good 30IQ points by reading the replies on that question. Most of them are also grown men, ages 40 and up, who you'd expect to have, like, life experience at all, but no, they just keep surprising everyone with how little they understand people.
  • yucychan
    You are fine and those people who generalise you like that are idiots themselves. As for me, I have no preference hanging out with either gender.
    But I do like to hang out with those who are direct and are fine in taking playful insults. They make me laugh.
  • pinkcactus484
    I have mostly female friends, but I completely agree with you on this. Some people just gravitate towards the same or the opposite gender when it comes to friendships. This is natural and cannot really be stopped. And it doesn't mean that you have to be or want to be in a relationship with them.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    In my pre-teen years, I always hanged out with/around boys because I prefer playing boys' games. During high school & college, more girls came into my life but there were still more boys in my life. As the circle of friends got bigger after college & throughout my 30s, more women came in but the men still dominated. Since I turned 40, we're pretty much even now.
  • arabgoddess
    I would have lots of guys friends if I was not married but the reason why I got on so well with guys was because I was bullied by females pretty much all my life and guys can't understand why. They always defend me and show me a lot of respect. I haven't been touched by any guy other than my husband..
  • Good Take, like you said it's just prejudice and generalization.
    I'm a guy and always had almost exclusively female friends, and I too faced a lot of prejudice about that.
    Naturally now that I'm about to get married I have to distance myself a bit from those friends though.
  • akihon
    Ok so you don't like to generalize and do exactly that by pointing out what others have said and why they are all wrong. Sorry but they are wrong as they apply to you, and you also contradicted yourself by admitting in some of the cases statements made as a generalisation do apply in some cases. Well that just means that enough of those cases apply because in enough of those cases the statement is true. Hence the reason why a generalized statement is made, everyone and I mean everyone knows that a statement in and of itself cannot and will not apply in every case as there will always be outliers but there is enough truth that the statement can apply in the greater number of cases and be true or nearly true.

    It seems then your education is actually failing you, not surprising given the state of education in the west these days, another general statement.
    • "Ok so you don't like to generalize and do exactly that by pointing out what others have said and why they are all wrong."

      I stated why I disagreed. I don't see how that's generalising.

      "Sorry but they are wrong as they apply to you"
      I said in the MyTake I was speaking from my perspective. Because according to some of those opinions, because I hang around with dudes, I'm an attention seeking whore, who wants to casually fuck people. So I was talking from my own perspective about how that isn't true, I'm not saying all girls are like me- I'm talking for me.

      "ou also contradicted yourself by admitting in some of the cases statements made as a generalisation do apply in some cases."
      In SOME cases not ALL. The way some of these opinions are stated you'd think every girl who hangs out with mostly dudes is like this.

      "Hence the reason why a generalized statement is made, everyone and I mean everyone knows that a statement in and of itself cannot and will not apply in every case as there will always be outliers but there is enough truth that the statement can apply in the greater number of cases and be true or nearly true."

      How? When each case is different? It's not almost every, is it? It's a narrative society has created. Each person has their own complexities about them as to why they do certain things. You can't just look at a person and say "They do X because Y" the truth is unless you know them deeply, you have no clue. You don't know why people do things, so best not to generalise. ;)

    • akihon

      Ok this is going to go nowhere so you do you whatever stick with your entitled singular viewpoint, whatever helps you sell at night

    • Sell at night? Sell what at night?

  • boombastik
    Yes, you are different than most it sounds like. My ex wife had mostly guy friends because she said she didn't get along with girls as I hear a lot from girls. The thing is, these type women don't think you should go hang out with hot girls that are ''just friends" and I don't know what kinda guys you hang out with but I guarantee you one thing, guys don't hang out with girls that they have no interest in bonking. They aren't gonna come out and tell you but tell one of them you are attracted to him as a test and see how quickly he professes his longing for you.
    • "tell one of them you are attracted to him as a test"
      No because that would makes things weird between us. I know none of them are attracted to me, especially when on of them has a girlfriend.

  • Oram52
    Its same as how some guys maintain there is no way men and women can be platonic, I guess its same in return. Like all us men think with our dicks.
    • I know right!😂😂

      The way some of these people talk, you'd think men and women can't even be in the same room as each other without it leading to THAT😂😂😂

    • @SpiderManFan2002 That really isn't what anyone here is saying. Read more thoroughly and you might get a better perspective on why people think this way.

    • Oram52

      @MarkusCopeland Do explain it to me what perspective I am not understanding? Yet millions of guys are perfectly happy with platonic relationships with their female friends, even norm in countries like France.

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  • lifelearner011
    Maybe Im biased by my own experience. Yes, we live in 2020, yet some social ways are still prevalent even when its not a generalizable aspect. The women I know that have mostly guy friends, love to be center of attention, enjoy being the "girl" (hottie) of the group and some of them say women are too difficult to relate. Perhaps we all have different views. In my case, I have never had a man friend who's heterosexual in my whole live. The only one I remember was in my kindergarden.
  • bubbles328
    I like hanging out with guys because they're more available so I'm kinda left with them. I just went through a break up my girl mates are looking at dates in march they are available my boy mates, on the other hand, are there that day to meet with.
  • BlueScorpio
    A lot guys will see it as to much competition and because they don't want to compete, they try to make her seem less desirable by assuming something wrong with her or that she's been around the block and all the men around her want a taste.
  • MarkusCopeland
    Can I ask how old you are? Not to be rude, but based on the assertions you sound quite young.
  • moststrangestguy
    She hates incels tell all her male friends watch them turn on her lile a pack of wild dogs
  • mirratomyra
    Females so selfish and jealous and grudge hearted that if a woman get to much attention or likes or 1 step ahead then themselves they down you instead of joining the glory then they lose friendship with a female quick but me going to keep it half way real cause they will try you once yo out let them kno NO ITS ON TO THE NEXT FEMALE
  • nelly83
    I just think she’s a Tomboy at heart. Naturally girls get along with other females because they can relate to each other a lot better. But if her best friend is a guy, it’s pretty much guaranteed that she’s a tomboy at heart
  • Chimken
    When you're an anomaly so you project and say everyone must be wrong because you're allegedly the one case that doesn't match 🙄
    • Actually, I'm speaking from my own experience and other women. A number of other women, have come on this to agree with me, and share their own experiences. It's not just me- it's actually lots of other women too, a number of people just choose to project the negative stereotype.

    • Chimken

      Yeah and there are a ton of other people who experienced otherwise. Guess you'll only believe what you want

    • @Chimken Seems that way, yeah.

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  • Exorcist_Rampage
    There is no 31st of February.

    Also, yeah, people over generalize things. Females with male friends shouldn't get judged like that.

    Very nice MyTake, madam SpiderManFan2002
    • " There is no 31st of February."
      That's the whole point😂😂It's like saying "see you never", without saying "see you never"😂

      And thank you :)

  • MannMitAntworten
    The reality is that the older we become - and if we remain single - our friends tend to be that of the opposite more and more. Not that we have some sort of ‘want’ of them beyond friends or they in us, it just happens to go this way. I mean, couples tend to hand out with couples, singles hang out with singles. Older singles hang out more and more with the opposite sex. Just how it goes. Nothing sinister in any of this at all. I have more women friends than men.
  • A girl with mostly male friends is definitely a slut. No way around it. It happens eventually. She uses them for confidence too.
    • Okay buddy, you keep telling yourself that👏🏾😂😂😂😂

      Luckily the dudes I know and are friends with, think with their heads, not their genitals.

    • No it’s the other way around. The girls with all guy friends are thinking with their genitals.

    • Well, actually, if you look at the girls in this comment section of this MyTake and then the writer of this MyTake (me) we clearly don't.

  • Juxtapose
    I'm just sitting back as a bisexual laughing at all these weird dynamics straight people subject themselves to.
    • 😂😂Lol yeah, some of these people STILL think girls and guys can't be friends without it leading to sex😂😂😂

      By their logic, you must have no friends because whichever way you look at it, according to them, it'll lead to fucking😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • It does most of the time. I've fucked most of my female friends and co workers.

    • Juxtapose

      Damn, when you put it that way it makes it seem like I live some kind of sex god lifestyle where I call my friends over for parties and just have a big orgy lol.

      But yeah, I think people who think like that just have self control problems around the opposite sex or something. I have no problem being around men or women, I'm not some dog that's just going to hump everyone's leg.

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  • genericname85
    The reason why it's bad is because female friendships are inherently different. They are more difficult to upkeep cause their friendship don't depend on any sexual interest at all. I'm not saying that a man must want sex with a female friend, yet men are more likely to act and think more benevolently towards women which is due to our very primal instinct. In female only friendships you don't get that benefit meaning if you only have male friends you not only avoid the efforts it takes to have freindships that take more of your effort to upkeep it also takes away some of your female energy cause you're not socializing with women.

    Stop acting like men and women are the same.
    • Exactly this. 👍

    • @genericname85 I'll admit male and female friends are different.

      "They are more difficult to upkeep cause their friendship don't depend on any sexual interest at all"
      None of my friendships have had 'sexual interest' yet I haven't found them 'difficult to keep up' for that reason. The main reason why certain friendships for me are difficult to keep up, is because I don't see all my friends everyday like I used to.

    • how do you know they had no sexual interest? i dare you. go start making innuendos or hinting at that you want sex or even straight up offer sex acting as if you're serious. go do that and tell me how many of them said no or rejected having sex with you.

      but even if i'm wrong on this point, then there's still my other point.

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  • james2018dean
    Big deal.
    Most of my friends are female. And we haven't and won't have sex.
    I like them. They like me. Sex would just screw it up.
    • Exactly, just because girls and guys hangout doesn't mean it will lead to sex.

  • bamesjond0069
    So not all girls are thots who hang with all men, because this girl isn't... but every other one is.

    In my experience every girl I've ever met like this was a slut or an attention whore. But i guess my 33 years experience on this earth and meeting tons of girls, many of which are like this, and them ALL, without exception being one of these things means its crazy id assume it about the next one. Smh.

    After reading this, i can say you are an attention whore. The fact you wrote all this up and made it personally about you is the proof.
  • Gary888818
    @SpiderManFan2002 all you did was write a very insulting piece about guys who wouldn't want to date you because of this and then proceed to point to female opinions when given very rational, valid reasons for why this is the case. None that were even remotely listed in your mytake I might add. If you truly want to change someone's perspective, you could start by not being so condescending and actually try to understand why they would think that way.
    • " all you did was write a very insulting piece about guys who wouldn't want to date you"
      Not just me, and all the other girls who have majority male friends. Tell me where I was rude and insulting. The same goes for girls who wouldn't date a guy because he has mostly female friends.

    • I would not blame a girl one bit for not wanting to date a guy who has all female friends and if you can't see the common sense in that this conversation is pointless. And I certainly wouldn't write a slam piece about them for thinking that way. If you read over this and dont feel that tone then I certainly dont feel like trying to argue that case either.

    • "I would not blame a girl one bit for not wanting to date a guy who has all female friends and if you can't see the common sense in that this conversation is pointless."

      I would. It's not "common sense" it's BS. Why because he might cheat with another girl? Please.

      "And I certainly wouldn't write a slam piece about them for thinking that "
      😂😂😂Oh that's what you call it a slam piece😂😂

      Well, I'm just speaking up for myself and the other women who are wrongly being labeled whores, wanting casual sex, something is wrong with us, etc.

      Why should we be shamed by society because we choose our friends by their characteristics not their genitals?

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  • not too uncommon. I seen this throughout HS. and those who did have that circle, still has that same circle..
    • I saw it throughout my school days too- though ironically, I was in a friendship group with mostly girls and about 3 guys😂😂

    • I wasn't part of the clusterfuck

  • TonyBologna25
    Groups of women are drama man lol. I don’t blame you for hanging out with mostly guys. Guys tend to be more straight forward if they don’t like you or something you did.
    • My girlfriend when I was in HS around your age only really had guy friends. She was friends with all my friends. It was actually pretty nice. Never had to worry if she liked them.

  • lonngiio
    I can't make nothing but guy friends. I sit at tables with guys and I'm always the only girl. I get along with all the guys but none of the girls want to hang with me for whatever reason. I try to talk to them but they don't want to be friends. My boyfriend friends are cool with me but he doesn't want them around me. And anyways why would I be going out with my boyfriend friends lol My friends are cool with my boyfriend too but he doesn't hang around them.
  • HoratioCaine
    LMFAO the daddy issue one! I got mommy issues, but that ain't why most of my friends are dudes. Bet that chick is the one that bangs dudes old enough to be her daddy.
  • Gedaria
    I cannot see any problem. I'm the same but the other sex. Being male all my close friends are female. We generally meet up on Monday afternoon at the coffee shop I will be the only guy. Out of usually 7, or,8 women...
  • elite665
    I have a girl “friend” that has mostly male friends but it’s just cause she does not like all the drama girls create and she has a boyfriend and is loyal to him so i don’t see a problem
    • Yeah, I see some girls that use the whole "drama" thing is a justification- and honestly, I guess it just depends on what kinda people you're surrounded with.

      I mean, personally, I have had hung around with lots of girls- and still no drama arose.

    • elite665

      Well I can’t speak for girl friend groups cause well I’m a guy but I’ve been friends with girls who are totally chill and girls who make drama out of every little thing so I say it just depends

  • rjroy3
    Assuming this isn't in a small environment where the Clique environment is very prevalent. The red flag isn't when a girl has a lot of male friends. It's when a girl is incapable of maintaining a long-term female friendship.

    Now it's very common for girls to rotate girls whom they call their best friend that's largely dependent on their life situation, where they are in their life and that moment in time and circumstances in general. But if after several years a girl does not have even one female friend she's known for a long time , that's usually a bad sign.

    It suggests she's lived her life a certain type of way up until this point, to where no girl trust her and or wants to be her friend
    • I very much agree with your comment and see a lot of it! These girls are actually hard to get on with because they're so more focused on the male species they ditch the female at any given moment

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    I don't think any of those things you listed and it still bothers me a bit anyway.
    So I have to think that you don't have a good a grasp on what everyone feels about this (or at least guys anyway).
  • JamesRandiDebates
    Girls with mostly guy friends are the ones who get drunk easy and let everybody fuck them.
    • Not true, especially in my case, I don't drink and I'm a virgin who wants to wait until marriage and commit to one person.

    • These are not hard and fast rules, sweetheart. But they apply to the majority.

    • A lot of the girls I have seen respond to this MyTake actually can relate to me on my stance of friendship- it's not just me.

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  • Hunter7754
    When I see a girl with mostly male friends, I usually think that the guy friends probably are crushing on her. Almost all of us guys would get with many of our female friends if we had the chance.
  • PrimalInstinct
    Most of these connections must be associated with more insecure even sluttish gals I think. The ones that come across as craving the attention of having predominantly male friends or encourage attention from their male "friends" by the way they act & dress.
    Cause I happen to be a naturally attractive woman (never needed makeup) who dresses stylishly & I've ***never*** once heard or encountered any of this. And I've lived from east to west coast N America & in Europe.

    I've only had predominantly male friends since I played in the sandbox growing up in farm country & near a teeny town. I've lived in big (12 million population, Moscow as an example) cities as well.
    I don't have male friends cause I crave the attention. It's cause I have limited interest in being friends with other women and couldn't give a sh*t about things like celebrities, makeup, etc.
  • ImagineSketchy
    I can't help but feel I may have been a promoter of 1 or 2 of these reasons...
    I doubt it, but part of me says so.
  • PetrovaFire92
    I have male friends but I'm not attracted to any of them an never will be. I've known them since middle school or elementary school so?
  • aWes0MeNeSs
    As someone with a pretty good mix of both male and female friends but "clicks" better with most males, I agree! I really like how you said "maybe she doesn't make friends based off of their gender, but rather their characteristics". That's exactly it! I like how relaxed and fun most guys seem to be, and not as uptight, serious all the time, and moody as most girls. But, what's between someone's legs has no importance to me about whether or not they'd make suitable friends, and there's a huge grey area between not wanting anything to do with a guy and wanting to have sex with him. You can enjoy someone's company without there being any sexual attraction.