Fifi's guide to being the cutest nymphet

I know this isn't wattpad lol but I'm still sharing this for any other nymphets on GaG, whether it's just a handful or not. Or maybe for someone who doesn't know that this is the style they've been searching for. Well regardless, et c'est parti!

How I act as a nymphet on a regular (because it's not just a sex life thing, it's a lifestyle)

1. I give off a pouty and innocent demeanor, but not too pouty

If you're too pouty then you're just annoying. You have to find a balance, unless you want to be a nymphet that isn't pouty, which is an option. You need to test the waters with the person you're engaging with, are they a "no nonsense" kind of person, or a little more accepting?

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet

2. Refrain from using curse words and overall "nasty" words

It obviously makes you look less innocent if you do cuss. Would an angel say fuck? Probably not, I know I cuss a lot but it's mainly because I'm online. And by "nasty" words I mean things like fart, turd, barf etc.

Try and find a cuter word to substitute for the "nasty" words. It's like a fun challenge for me, finding cute made-up words.

3. Don't be afraid to let a man "take the wheel" or "show you how it's done"

This doesn't mean act oblivious or stupid. But let a man be a man and passionately show you the "manlier" things he's interested in instead of proving how much of a feminist you are. We get it, girls can do things too. my god.

AND let a man be chivalrous for god's sake.

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet

4. Be conscious of what image you give off (in public places)

How you're sitting, how loud you're being etc. Sitting like a man doesn't look cute and being loud and obnoxious certainly isn't cute either.

Not cute
Not cute

5. It's fine to be freaky, but not everyone needs to know that

There's' a time and a place to show just how much your "innocent" mind knows, and in full view of everyone is not the time or place. The whole idea is that you are innocent, don't spoil the image.

How you look and act:

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet

How you really are:

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet

6. Don't dress like everyone else (but find your own unique nymphet style, there are so many)

Everyone else:

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet


Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet
Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet

Being a nymphet means being cute and innocent. Or portraying that image. ;)

Fifis guide to being the cutest nymphet
Fifi's guide to being the cutest nymphet
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  • heymynameisMatt
    My about me on Bumble now says "Looking for nymphet" 😅
    Is this still revelant?
  • 7Roses
    This is really attractive, very sexy.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thank you!

    • 7Roses

      How did that thing with your parents go? Telling them about your page etc?

    • i never told the about this and I never will lmao. I couldn't run away, i have no one to help me. Offer's still up though

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  • Yaaten
    This should be titled, "Fifi's Guide to Being a Complete and Utterly Manipulative Fraud", because you're basically telling girls to put on an act, to be someone they're not, and all for... what? Short-term gains? Popularity with men?
    • Wow... I literally said it's a lifestyle. This is for girls who WANT this to be their lifestyle. How about stop being a cunt.

    • Yaaten

      A "lifestyle" you say, and this is what "girls want", but why is it the case these days that so many girls want to do things like this? I can answer that, and it's because people like you advertise and push this nonsense on to them, encouraging them to think that such atrocious and fraudulent behaviour is desirable. It isn't.
      Oh, and by the way, you shouldn't take honest and open criticism of your views so personally. Surely you must realise that you will not always be praised for your efforts, here or elsewhere. And don't swear.

    • I can swear if I want to, you're not my dad. It's YOUR opinion that people don't want this. You are the only one on this whole page that has commented negatively so riddle me that. Apparently it is wanted. I'm not pushing people who don’t like this aesthetic to be this way. This is to help people who DO like this aesthetic. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Good day to you, sir.

  • SunnySri
    That was a nice topic to discuss mam, and it may help girls who want to look cute as well.
    Well done.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing with us well written and appreciated I like this girls picFifi's guide to being the cutest nymphet
    I don't know how i was gonna reacc to this post... cuz it's something i didn't know about...
    after reading it... looks great... we like this as mens
  • Jjpayne
    I really love the girl in the black sweater, in the black and white picture, she is cute
  • Dweezil
    Why is the one girl who is sitting on the wagon not cute?
  • Tunasub
    #2 just flew right out the window... never coming back...🤣😂🤣😂😂
  • gandolph3
    you should always portray the image of a nymphet, but not actually be one
  • MoscowMH
    That will help me know Women, Very precious advice. Thanks
  • You are gonna definitely make someone happy girl!
    • Damn i looked at my comment and now it just looks wrong. I must have not been paying attention to what I was typing.

      You are gonna definitely make someone happy, girl!

      Let me fix it to, you are gonna make some guy very happy to be with someone like you. The way you dress is just so cute. The demeanor you portray. Letting a gentleman actually be a gentleman without it being a sexiest issue.

    • Aw thank you

    • 🤫🤫

  • Never_Trump69
    I will be someones nymphet
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I’m sure you make an amazing nymphet 😊
  • magiusX26
    nice lana
  • Topherfreak
    Hit me up I got an idea for your ass
  • oldermale
    Thats so hot..
  • DiversityHire
    So this is fun.
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
  • Guanfei
    I could like a girl like that 🤔
  • knight2468
    I will find me nymphet. This is freaking awesome