Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?


Go easy on the Grammer and Spelling with me guys, this is my first myTake.

Jennifer Lopez has been someone I had idolized since I was a young child, I remember seeing her on MTV in her ' If you had my love video' and thinking what a beautiful lady she is. She came across sweet, confident sexy but also refreshingly humble. I watched all her movies, and spent the rest of my early adult years looking up to her as an Idol. That is untill the recent few years. Now this may come across bitchy, and I in no way intend for it to be that way, more just putting my opinion out there and seeing arguments for and against my view.

Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?

Jennifer Lopez STILL is a beautiful woman, and to deny that she doesn't look amazing at 51 years old would be just silly. However, there appears to be a huge shift in her personality. I find the more coverage I get of Jennifer Lopez the more I find her (what us British call it) 'Not my cup of tea'. There just seems to be a lot of self-aggrandising and a general boastful vibe that I have observed of her. She should be proud of her achievments, she's a talented singer and has made it quite big in Hollywood, but I feel her proudness extends beyond just being humbly aware of her success. I feel that she has now got to a point where she has 'become to big for her own boots. I could be very wrong here, and I am open to be corrected, but there seems to be this constant brag of how well she looks for her age.

'People say I look better now than I look in the 2000's ' - Saturday Night Live 2019. This very well could of just been a general chit chat and an innocent blip, but to me it comes across as a little bit of a brag. I feel like she wants to almost be worshiped for how well she looks, and almost as if she thinks she's better than everyone else and an elite. There seems to be this constant flouting at any oppotunity 'look at my body' 'look at how good I look for 51'.

The final straw for me was when she released her skin care line. There was a lot of contradiction around how she's kept her skin looking well, claiming that her secret ingredient was olive oil even though previously in the past she had spoken highly of her love of La Mer,a lso previously speaking of her using just a gentle cleanser moisturiser and HIGH SPF. This frustrated me as she is charging ridiculous amounts of dollars for this overpriced skincare range that's main ingredient is Olive Oil. To then add insult to injury in her own advert there is much blurring, and heavy filters, when she claims this is how her skin looks so good.

To finalize my point, her serious 'Pick me girl' attitude seem to shine when being questioned about botox to which she claimed ' I haven't had Botox.. I'm not that person' to me that implies that it is a negative thing to have botox and she's 'above' that, which I really find quite distateful.

Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?
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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Most celebrities get self-absorbed with enough time. There's the rare ones who stay humble, or even get more humble with time. Eg: Keanu Reeves, Matthew Mccoghnaughey, Marshall Mathers, J Cole, etc. But they're kinda the exception. As you point out, Jennifer Lopez has shifted from making music to selling beauty products. So if you separate the individual from the business strategy, it would be more surprising if she WASN'T somewhat self-aggrandizing. If it wasn't profitable to do so, her marketing handlers would've reigned in her public persona already. The fact she acts that way is evidence that its profitable to her. The beauty industry is manipulative AF; at least in the music industry the case can be made for the recording artist having genuine talent and creativity. So even though she had that profit motive back then, it was at least held in check somewhat by the necessity of differentiating herself as a musical talent. Now she's on the other side of 50, and targeting the 50-somethings beauty market with name-branded products, she has to mould her public image around "Jennifer Lopez, the beauty brand". Which would no doubt bring to surface any self-aggrandizing tendencies she might have successfully hidden as a recording/touring musician
  • You said you idolised her since you were a little kid so what id say is going on is that you've become more mature and you've removed the rose tinted glasses. Jennifer Lopez more than anything is a business woman and her main product is Jennifer Lopez and she promotes this product through her music, dance, fashion, the media, social media, TV, movies, consumer products. What you are seeing is the image she projects whether thats good or bad. You see this with all celebrities everything real or fake, good or bad, deeply personal or otherwise is a PR exercise. Lopez has spent 30 years marketing herself as a product.
    Lopez has a net worth of $400million after 30 years in the biz. Jenny from the block didn't get that from looks, talent and being nice no she had to do a lot of shit for that from just a back up dancer on the Janet Jackson tour and a music video in 93 to daytime TV and straight to video movies to her big break in 97, when she realesed her first single she was nearly 30 which is rare for a woman her age to break through and become super successful in Hollywood & music industry let alone for their success to continue to grow even past age 40. Its more common now but then if you didn't make it as an actress/singer/dancer before 30 you never would. I think she was hotter in late 90s.Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?Jennifer Lopez: Confident Humble Goddess or Braggy Self Absorbed Narcissist?
  • Jjpayne
    Good first mytake!!! Nice job!! I'll say this, in my college class, my instructor asked "do you personally know any celebrity?" We all ended up saying no. And he goes, "well your view of them is one that is tailored by hollywood so you see them, the way they want you to see them" so playing along with this, it might be possible that jlo was playing an act at first and has now finally decided to choose to act more like her actual self... It's just a theory...
  • I think the fame and success has gone to her head. In the 90s she was kind of a cool Latina chick who wanted to come across as down to earth despite her fame. That is obviously out the window now. I don't hold it against her though. The change has been gradual and probably unavoidable.
  • OlderAndWiser
    I think you are right but I would note that it would take an extraordinary person to hear your praises constantly being sung and not start believing it. One more self-absorbed Hollywood victim.
  • I don't follow/ pay attention to celebrities enough to weigh in. But fame and fortune can have a way of making some people more cocky, boastful...
  • loveslongnails
    I like J Lo. She's got some real talent. She could use some better taste in music, but other than that, what do I know? I'd like to have her net worth !!
  • she's like 60 years old. i've never been attracted to her
  • Kabluie
    Jenny has been around the block quite a few times, but she still looks good for her age. I've always liked her.
  • ZackBan
    Personally I think being "humble" is overrated. Sure it's a good thing to be but even those who are not humble can still be decent people.
    Especially if they have something to show for it. I don't like to hate on successful people for pointing out their success because I know that once I am a successful person I'll have the right to talk about it. I don't consider it bragging but some people might and I won't care about their opinions.
    Of course there are limits as with everything fame and success does not entitle someone to look down on others but "blowing your own horn" is not exactly looking down so...
  • Tstrbrainer
    I don't really follow her, but I do find her attractive now, in my opinion she looks better recently than in the past. But I don't know much about her personality
  • Avicenna
    She’s been narcissistic since about 1999. Maybe she was covered differently in the UK.
  • Stoner710
    Probably self absorbed narcissist most celebrities are
  • sumanthr
    Congrats for your first take.. u have picked a good topic.. lopez is one of my fav.. but I actually. dont know much about her.. she is good looking.. tats it I can say!!!✌️❤️
  • Guanfei
    Fame is like power, it corrupt people. Maybe she was humble when she started. But it's not long gone.
  • TonyMetal___86
    Good mytake boobsee lady, you spoke my opinion about her 😊
  • Marco10
    I don’t know much about her but from the few interviews I’ve seen, she seemed toxic.
  • larry69
    She is clearly a pretty woman but she is going too far these dsys. She needs to be more humble.
  • Both, but empowered by grocery store customers living vicariously through these celebs.
  • msc545
    No idea. I ignore her and people like her. Waste of my time.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    You are right!!!
  • Iron_Man
    Self absorbed pro Latin attention whore
  • Tim-loves-it
    I have nothing to say for or against her, sorry.
  • Yellovv
    She is pretty for sure...
  • Anonymous
    in reality, she was never just "Jenny from the block". She's always been a diva and self-absorbed. But she is far from the worst person to look up to in Hollywood. She's actually a pretty good human. They all lie about their skin care in order to sell products. I wouldn't make that a major point of why i dislike someone.
  • Anonymous
    None of that seemed bad at all to me, it looks like your just trying really hard to find a reason to hate her.

    Also, if u think her comment on botox gives off 'Pick Me Girl' attitude then u really don't know what a pick me girl is
  • Anonymous
    I dont think that it is good for society and specifically kids for us to idolize these public figures. Most of them are fake and they are popular for acting badly.

    There are a lot of beautiful women in the world that have never been on TV or in the music or fashion industry. They are just regular people who work for a living. I look at Hollywood actors and actresses and I wonder why they are popular (unless they are really good at acting)
  • Anonymous
    Don't forget that she's a hoe too 😂