Sapphic Love Streams

Sapphic Love Streams

*names have been changed for obvious reasons.


Sapphic Take


Well, below are listed some of the women that made me tingle. Note that I'm not objectifying any of them here.

1. Katie

This one I met in seventh grade. We were both cheaters in exams and seated adjacently. A fun loving yet serene friend she became.

I used to help her sext with her friends. Yes, she introduced the concept of sexting and phones to middle school. I was nerdier than but I provided plot lines for her filth. You owe great erotics to her, my sex ed teach. I know it's messed up.

Our relationship lasted for half a decade.

2. Moira

God, I desired her with every living fibre. Her touch was a new language.

Although, she was the most hateful girl in highschool. By then, I'd educated myself as not to catch a bully's eye but somehow, in her case, she'd always seek me. Both of us were artists. She'd still shame my imageries and singing.

She reminded me of my father so yes Freud, I hear ya.

Cold, patient and one of the main causes of mental disorders, if you ever get to meet her.

But boy did she pet my unconscious. I'd be drawn to her like moth. Even joked that we could be best friends. Helped her with the fun fair.

Her shaming still continued so I had to change classes especially for her. She's the reason I didn't take drawing but computer. Well her and mommy dearest. Who takes art seriously anyway?

I've her drawing book. I stole it.

3. Sheila

Her real name isn't half as beautiful as her thighs, eyes and moist cheeks are. I use her mainly for experiments in psych, whenever I need them.

She's fine as hell.

A little air headed, can be passed as the roles usually Marilyn Monro was committed to.

She's a boyfriend who means the world to her. I know him, I envy him. He's my doll.

4. Zelda

Chill, always ready to volunteer, cute as a button. The great white witch, the gold hearted girl.

Before exams, by default, she virals notes in the college group.

With her height, I'm sure she's seen the heaven. I wouldn't wanna corrupt her. I'm content on admiring from afar.

5. Luminosity

I drew her eyes, black diamonds, in the seas of milky curves. No pun intended. She's Muslim, religious and fair. Her friend hates me and so I never talk to her.

I'd like to.

6. Dottie

She's thirteen.

Ooooh, pido alert on this.

I like her in a nonsexual way. Hopefully.

We usually count clouds together. She's got a pair of binoculars only I can use.

I'm guilty of teaching her how to lie effectively.

That's me. Like dislike, that's all on you. But do share it either ways.


Sapphic Love Streams
Sapphic Love Streams
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  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    Hmmm very interesting.. I. like how you can make your creative juices flow. (No pun intended.😊)☯️
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  • Dinosaursandanime65
    Sheila! She’s a BeautySapphic Love Streams
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  • This is so awesome
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  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
  • Tstrbrainer
    Sheila sounds most seductive
  • Very different and interesting