What have you learned about meeting a woman's needs?


This was too long for a question, so I made this a mytake.

What have you learned about meeting a womans needs?

Here's a small list of what I've learned...

1. Men and women are different, and our differences are not a matter of inferiority or superiority, but rather serve as a great complement to one another.

2. Women need emotional affection. I as a man have made the mistake of responding to emotional situations with logic when she needed an emotional response at the time. Holding her without trying to grab her ass goes a long way. Helping her around the house goes a long way. Emotional affection in the form of physical gestures and emotionally rich conversations is something that is required to make a woman happy in the long term.

3. Women do not think like men. Men think that if a woman rejects sex in marriage, it's because she doesn't find him physically appealing. They start to mope and complain. Sex becomes more of an accommodation rather than a desire from her end if things become bad enough. If you want to get a woman horny, then stop thinking like a man. You need to make her feel like she's the most important woman in the world. You need to show her how loved and adored she is. You need to hold her hand, listen to her stories, and actually connect with her. You need to take her on dates. If she's not putting out, there's most likely a need that's not receiving emotionally. If she rejects you, then don't be weak by becoming insecure. Take charge like a man and find out where she's wounded emotionally. She has different needs than you.

4. Women are attracted to men that can hold their own. If she's being a brat or not acting right, the most attractive thing you can do is to stand your ground in a respectful and loving way. The moment you let her rattle you and you lose your temper is the moment that she realizes that you don't have control over yourself. How can you lead if every difficult situation you're faced with takes control of you rather than you taking control of it? The ideal end solution is when she feels almost a sense of embarrassment takes it upon herself to fix how she's coming across. You don't need to shame her or demand. Just be firm, respectful, and loving.

5. Quality women really commit to men who are selfless. There's a fine line between a push-over and a truly selfless person. As a Christian man, I try to emulate the character of Jesus Christ in every difficult situation I face. If you're not of faith, then that's entirely fine. This is just something that I live my life by. This includes selflessness and unconditional love. I always put her ahead of myself, and she does the same. It creates a beautiful dynamic.

6. Remain loyal even when she messes up. I love my girl even when she makes mistakes. I try my best to refrain from judgement. I don't point fingers. I just try and help. My sole focus is helping her to become the best person that she can be. Mistakes serve as great learning tools and create an opportunity for a man to really shine and be the hero. Resentment never accomplishes anything positive. The time a girl needs you the most is when she made a mistake. Show her that you love her for her and exclude the mistake from who she is as a person. Her mistakes should never define her.

7. What I've noticed is that when someone isn't meeting your needs, and you go above and beyond to meet theirs, then they'll most likely respond by fulfilling your needs to an even higher degree. We all have in a sense gas tanks in a relationship. The more that you fill their tank up, the more they can give you.

8. Quality women will stay loyal to men who consistently show that they can lead while looking out for their best interest. You don't just earn a woman's loyalty by barking orders and thinking you're the alpha. A good leader will always use their team to their best advantages. There are plenty of things that my girl does better than me. My ego is never really threatened if she takes lead on a particular task that she's better at. The key is to be the coordinator and take lead on who does what. The man needs to be able to guide the relationship in a direction in which both of your needs are met. It will get to a point where she will willingly submit to you. It's not a discussion. It just tends to happen.

9. If you do not meet a woman's needs here, she could very well cheat on you or start fantasizing about other men. Don't operate from a stand point of fear, but understand that the reality is that over half of spouses in America cheat at some point or another. A lot of women fantasize about other men when they don't feel loved. The best way to combat against the desires that modern culture perpetuates onto us so hard is to do your very best to fulfill her needs. She of course needs to reciprocate. I could make an entire list of what a man needs in a relationship too. A consistent effort to fulfilling your partners needs will almost always keep them loyal to you. Don't put your spouse in a position where she may be tempted to commit sin.


I could go on and on but I'd particularly like to hear from the older and wiser people on the website. I'd be interested to hear what experiences you've faced and how they've shaped your views on this topic.

What have you learned about meeting a woman's needs?
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  • Qdbrown
    Okay, I don't want to insult you, but you are going hard on what women say they want, and in many of your MyTake bullit points, you kind of put her on a pedestal. And many women agree with everything you said... But...

    You also need to think about setting boundaries. Have your things you will not crossover for, to make her happy. She needs to be putting in as much as you are. Sometimes either party can onload too much and begin to feel taken advantaged.

    You also need to be the guy making plans and following through. Whether personal or coupled. Nothing scares a woman off faster than a lost man. If you ever come off unsure about who you are, what you want, or what you want out of the relationship, it's will begin to strike cracks in the very foundation you want to build from. If you don't understand, stop dating now and figure you out first before finding a partner. If you're the man, bring it and send it.

    If you learn any red pill or PUA things, use only the wisdom. If you want to game girls, find recent divorcees and single people looking for flings. If the girl is looking for a serious partner, even if her online dating profile of fubar and you know she will easily give it up if lonely, move on. And stop messing with married people. That needed to stop like 10 years ago. Some players park in relationships because their thirst for sex and a warm body makes the dating world a wasteland that you have to crawl through the sewer to get to. If people would just start being honest about what they really want, and everyone respect other's wishes would make the world so much better. Honesty is a forgotten virtue.

    Sorry for the rant, but keep it clean, friendly, and don't be the thirsty guy.
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    • Duly noted. This take is on a woman’s needs. I’ll have to write another on a mans needs. I don’t place women on a pedestal. I’ve been pretty selective with in whom I date but I do place my dating values in accordance to biblical scripture. I used to be a steroid using bodybuilding who had no issues getting laid. I treated women like sex objects for a long time and it ruined infancy for a while. I’m not offended, and I appreciate the wise words.

    • Intimacy *

  • IraqLobster
    women simply need real men, that's why weak guys like me come here insulting girls to compensate our short comes.

    real men can make a girl fall inlove without reading books and asking around they just naturally attract.

    girls aren't the same but they all like real men.
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    • I agree that most men can make a girl fall in love and attract, but marriage and monogomy takes a lot of effort and persistence.

    • everything takes an effort and persistence but you have to understand everyone different and every couple have different levels of dependency.

    • I agree

Most Helpful Girls

  • hi_it_is_me123
    I am just curious whether man are monogamous and show affection because of women or do they also need affection and want zo be monogamous. It kinda scares me to see some men who show zero/less affection to their partner and i am just asking myself how they do that and are they like this because of biology or what. When i see such guys i get kinda jealous how they dont need any affection
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    • I like your take

    • Men don’t have such a strong need for affection as women. Our needs consist of wanting to feel admired, respected, and to have our sexual needs met. Men of course enjoy affection, myself included. It’s just not to the same degree as women. Some people don’t need any, and that usually stems from not seeing their parents show affection. And thanks 👊🏼

    • Really? Why dont you guys dont have fbuddy or go to prostitutes ifyou guys dont need much affection? It does not make sense to me. What is the point of committed romantic relationship if there is no need for affection/romamce etc.

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  • Kas19
    My boyfriend and I do all of these things for each other and then some. Been together almost 2 years and living together for over a year. We have a very stable relationship. Though our desires are less stemmed around 'the possibility" of sex and attraction and moreso because we love each other. We love taking care of each other in general because we love each other.
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    • Media overhyped sex since the 90s.
      I see a lot of the younger/post 90s born people look at it correctly as a secondary concern to being fulfilled emotionally and caring for each other genuinely.

    • Kas19

      The media greatly overhypes sex. Don't get me wrong, it's great. But people prioritize it too much in their lives.

    • It is great with someone who interests you mentally/emotionally and physically.
      Otherwise, it's like eating just rice - yeah, it's food, but not the way it is meant to be consumed.
      Plus, porn style sex on its own, turns into mental/emotional disappointment when you realise it has been spent. You can end up a poor junkie that way.

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  • slatyb
    Sorry, sounds like a bunch of BS from "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus".

    General knowledge about anything is useful only when you have no information about a the specific instance you encounter. That's not true of romantic partners, because you can just ask them what they like.

    There's a term for men who behave as if all women are the same: single.
    • While humans are multi faceted in many ways, don’t you think there are some basic fundamental truths that are based on our biology?

    • slatyb

      Yes. Women can get pregnant, men can’t. Generalizations about personality based on gender are useless and sexist.

    • What about neurology and endocrinology that factual make us different personality wise?

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  • SnowyOwl
    Nice my take. Thanks for putting out there that an emotional connection is required to enhance an overall connection with your partner.
    I gotta say some points i relate less to like: " The key is to be the coordinator and take lead on who does what. The man needs to be able to guide the relationship in a direction in which both of your needs are met. It will get to a point where she will willingly submit to you. It's not a discussion. It just tends to happen." For me it just tends to happen that people trust me and my judgement so they will follow my lead, and I actually like it that way. But I will say that in a relationship, partners are teammates who have to put in equivalent effort to support each other. It just happens, that I am the coordinator. Not all men are the same, not all women are the same. Our strengths differ. Maybe I'm also more comfortable with my masculine energy than other girls, and I like guys who are more comfortable with their feminine energy than not. If you wanna know what I mean by masculine and feminine energy (we all have some of both), check this out: What have you learned about meeting a woman's needs?
  • YourFutureEx
    Shouldn't you make the women work for your love? I agree with most of the points you made but if you're going to shower love upon women, they'll get bored of the monotony.

    Also, irrelevant to the myTake, judging by your replies to the other opinions, you're an extremely nonchalant person. I loved how calmly you replied to the striking criticism.
  • hahahmm
    I like your point about leadership.

    As a man, I'm not going to become less of a man or more of a woman to make her feel comfortable. Just like I don't expect her to use a urinal. If she thinks I'm not meeting her needs then she needs to get a therapist/female friend to unload drama on.
  • TheSpaceGnome
    I stopped reading halfway through 5.
    I really hate this mytake, it misrepresents men and women pretty badly.
    • Hate seems like a strong word. It tells me you might have some personal experience that contradicts some of what I’ve said. genuinely didn’t intend to upset anyone. I’d be interested to hear about your experiences if weren’t too upset to share them. I’m always open to hear other viewpoints.

    • I have personal experiences that contradict most of what you said.

      The entire approach feels wrong to me, I feel like logic and emotions aren't detached from eachother, also I don't fit your view of how men act or think, a lot of the advice you give is either stuff that just comes naturally to me, or are unrealistic expectations on the girl's end (and no girl who liked me has ever talked about my value in a utility sense, and some of the things you say to tolerate from women are just so childish), and I don't think relationships work the way you described.

      I think real relationships are 2 people who have a lot on common, hang out daily with shared hobbies, become friends, then best friends, then date because of mutual physical attraction. thats been my experience with them.

      We would talk about stuff we liked, play video games together, talk about our future, do stupid derpy shit and make eachother laugh, and even though me and her broke up, even though the ones before her had the same outcome, me and my ex gfs still connected much better than you seem to expect men and women to connect.

      We aren't as different as you seem to think.

      I feel like these mytakes about "understanding the male or female mind" they are just useless.

      People into catagories way better by interests, not by gender.

    • People fit into*

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  • msbrightness
    Sounds about right; some of it exceptionally well laid out.
    Yes, the 'actions' stem from emotions with women a lot more then with men - there isn't a sense in a woman she must-follow some concrete rules, but rather they way she feels.
    Is it always the case? No. Does it allow a man to also be more emotional? Yes.
  • msc545
    I don't exist to please women, especially since they don't please me.
    • Do you get lonely with that lifestyle choice? Genuine question.

    • msc545

      A little bit but at least I don't have to put up with constant whining and complaining.

    • Did a woman do you wrong? When did you make that decision? I’m not here to judge. I’ve heard all kinds of stories and have seen people at their worst having been in the law enforcement.

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  • BakedBeanieBabie
    That every individual is an individual and generalizations are very subjective and objectively expected to vary among... individuals.
  • Adam1978
    That it's not enough. She doesn't settle with what she needs, she also want what she wants even if it makes no sense.
  • FilmGuy93
    The big things that I have learned are to make sure that she feels heard, and make sure that she knows she is appreciated. Also, slow down and don't work so damn much.
    • Yes, central in your... call it hierarchy of relationships, able to express herself/convey her needs, have them accepted as valid and fulfilled (to the point possible - unless someone actively sabotages them by corruption, most women are super-reasonable when it comes to how much of the things they desire they can actually get - even the tiniest bit goes a long way just as long as the fact she does need/like/fancy something that makes her feel good is accepted/acknowledged)

  • FatherJack
    I have learned I am far better off single , the only woman that will ever matter to me , is my daughter. Women and men are polar opposites , with totally different & often conflicting needs and wants.
  • na2398
    I'd practice the following things to understand her needs- Active listening, comprehension, emotional support, compassion and altruism. :) I loved your take to the core! Keep 'em coming! :)
  • Djaay
    Without the woman meeting GODS commanded commandments for herself and through the man she's with , there isn't any need worth approaching.
  • DeltaCharlieEcho
    Since women can’t articulate what they need and they refuse to believe men know what they need, no man can ever meet a woman’s needs. You have to be self aware to be satisfied.
  • oldasIfeel22
    One “need” most women have is the ability for the man to pass her shit tests. Most women shit test men and don’t even realize they are doing it. Men have to be cognizant of what’s going on. Because once they fail one test then they will be tested again (with something harder). Once they fail too many tests they quickly get kicked out.

    Most men fail at not being a challenge for women. Being too nice, too available, etc. This doesn’t mean being an asshole is the answer. But the man has to stay centered and not let her jerk him around.

    And this is tough. It’s human nature to want to be nice to people we feel attracted to. While there is nothing wrong with that the balance between nice and too nice is very hard. Men need to be tough to their back on women who exploit that.
  • grega239
    I've learned that it's never good enough. She'll move the goal post when you're getting close and then blame you for not meeting her needs
  • NightHawk99
    Women need to do more logical thinking, men need to do more emotional thinking. Only then will both genders have a shot at understanding each other.
  • Ninjazzed
    Send her pictures of you actually cleaning up the house. That’s a start.
  • genericname85
    that women claim they know what they want but it is evident in their actions that they don't. in fact they prefer to be told what they want.

    you can just make the experiment yourself. try dating a girl trying to listen carefully for what she likes so that you can do what she wants. she'll lose interest very fast, if you even manage to get a date to begin with.

    then try dating a girl telling her what you want to do with her. you won't be able to even schedule all the dates you're getting.
  • es20490446e
    What the other gender wants shouldn't come as a surprise, they are just people.
  • stefan1985
    That doesn't apply to me since I don't have to deal with them like the rest of u do.
  • canucker90
    What have I learned? It doesn’t matter how much you do, she won’t appreciate it, end of story.
  • WomenAreInfants
    Women often confuse 'needs' with 'wants'.

    I have found that it is difficult, or impossible, to satisfy a spoiled woman and most women in the USA are spoiled. They view men as interchangeable, like pairs of pants, as long as the man is doing/giving what them what they expect.

    It is important to NEVER compromise your character for a woman. She may claim she wants you to but she will lose respect for you if you let her walk on you. Women often don't know what's best for them and wanting men to let them walk on them is an example.
  • Asianguy123
    women want sex and money. in nature they are whores.
  • captain_voidwalker
    I have learned to not give a shit. She can meet her own needs its not my responsibility
  • kingjoeee
    The main thing is that there is a connection with a person, and the rest does not matter :)
  • Jifensns
    Women demand subhumans
    They demand tall guys with high body water percentage
  • JustMe62
    Meeting a woman's needs is a moving target. Challenging.
  • exitseven
    I learned that I suck at it.
  • friendzoned4life
    It is impossible so don't even try
  • JesseJayNeak
    You basically have to be a mind reader
  • Vivaldi
    Nothing. Fuck their needs.
  • Joshua0213
    Basically the same things you said I've learned
    • Joshua0213

      Got me a good Christian girl thats not a feminist, its the best tbh mutual respect and love always

    • Oh me too man lol. Such a difference dating Christian women and non believers.

  • Anonymous
    Celibate life feeling good rn
    • Anonymous

      If you knew a thing about women youd know they want to be told what to do

  • Anonymous
    I find it hard to express my interest both verbally and physically to women in person due to things of my past that I am working on with a therapist. As a result I believe I end up friendzoned for my lack of show of signs of interest. What would you suggest to do in my case to make a woman know about my interest but that I have this situation that I am actively working on to fix?

    I recently went through a situation like that, accepted the rejection and told her I wasn't able to be her friend and moved on deleting her phone. Even though she said she wanted to meet as friends and that she had a good time with me in the past and I should have her number if I changed my mind. I felt bad because I think it all steam from when I didn't kiss her on the third date when she seemed to be looking for it. After that she went cold and was not the same anymore. I tried to do something about it by meeting, but she was really cold when we met, she hugged me at first, but when we parted ways she was talking from the distance. I told her I was interested and she told me she had not seen a sign at all, and that's when she said that we could meet as friends because she enjoyed my company.

    I felt bad because I was wondering if things should have been different had I had time to tell her about what was going on. I don't want to open up to her as she has already told me the friends thing. But I do feel I have this burning inside of me.
  • Anonymous
    Being selfless is overrated. If you give everything selflessly (which means you expect and accept nothing in return), then you're not a man, you're her slave. If you're giving her what she needs and she isn't responding in kind, she's not worth the effort. No man with any self-esteem would worship a woman who looks down on him
  • Anonymous
    You can't meet their needs, they will suck you dry like a parasite if you let them. Run away, run away fast.
  • Anonymous
    she only wants my money and my penis.
  • Anonymous
    It is sad to say but I care less about a women's needs every passing day. I see nothing but angry selfish feminists complaining about how bad men are and how they dont need men.

    The best approach is to get a vasectomy, lie to them and fuck them. Then Ghost them and find another one. Years ago men and women were allies and worked together, now feminism teaches them to forgo a family and focus on their careers. I guess we should be happy that these cunts will never breed and have kids themselves.

    You can worry about a woman's needs and I will worry about my own