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Being a woman is so much more better and fortunate


As a male I personally feel being a female is so much more better and fortunate than being a male. There are so many nice things being a woman

1.) You don't have to deal with beard / coarse facial hair. You naturall are blessed with light facial peach fuzz only

2.) You don't have to deal with thick messy coarse body especially torso hair. Naturally blessed with bare smooth skinned body especially torso

3.) Don't get hair loss or bald smooth head with age. Mostly always have a nice thick full head hair.

4.) Don't have to worry about grey beard/facial hair which would make you look more older than actual age as a man.

5.) Very low sex drive and not wanting/craving/thinking about sex almost every second.

6.) Nice aesthetic genitals which are neatly tucked inside the body & not hanging outside vulnerably and ugly mess.

7.) Can easily charm anyone with your physical aesthetics.

8.) More curvy aesthetically pleasing body shape.

9.) Natural smooth shiny skin because of the fat stored under it.

10.) Ability to give birth to a new life.

And many more....... being a woman is so much mre better and fortunate thing...!!

Being a woman is so much more better and fortunate
Being a woman is so much more better and fortunate
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  • Jlegacy
    According to the wisest book in the world, the bible, the woman was made for the man and the man came first before the woman. Anything that comes first, is always preferred to the thing that comes last.

    The only time the bible buries the superiority of the genders is in Christ because in Christ neither male nor female matters or availeth anything.

    And in marriage, the husband is the head, even in Christ.
    Why would anyone born male, want to be a woman knowing this?

    Personally I respect women. Thinking about the mechanics of sex, I really can't imagine myself being accepting of any poking. That a woman can derive pleasure from such makes me respect them.

    God chose our genders, I would choose the male gender over any other because God chose it for me.
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  • DonkeyDan
    I think women have as many issues with then being female as men have being male. I've always said that neither sex can understand the struggles of the opposite sex, nor should they compare them, we are just different.
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  • DemonicOnTop
    Wow, all of your things have to do with the body…and half aren’t even true.

    It’s 3x more expensive to live as a woman and we get paid 75% on average what men make.

    Periods, cramps. Our biological and sexual health is far more complicated than males.

    We encounter sexual harassment and assault.

    Societal obligations have us commonly in makeup, uncomfortable bras, and arbitrary beauty standards and if we don’t we are heavily criticized by men.

    So, you’re just lusting after our bodies. Maybe, someday you’ll grow up and a girl may eventually let you touch her. Maybe.
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    • goajakeao

      Aren't men under societal pressure and even criticised by women if they don't fit certain pre conceived notions?

    • goajakeao

      How is living as a woman more expensive than as a man?
      Oh what... what do you mean.." Maybe, someday you’ll grow up and a girl may eventually let you touch her. Maybe."?

    • Men aren’t nearly criticized or under social pressure as much as women.

      More expensive…tampons/period supplies, bras/underwear is more expensive, and often many of our clothes are more expensive.

      And maybe you’ll someday grow up and not act like an ignorant dipshit

      Your post is lusty and misogynistic and has no basis in facts and information and mostly likely stems from you being mad a girl won’t touch you.

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  • sunshineglow
    Hahaha well I'm happy. And there are many other advantages. Well there are few disadvantages but only if undercultured and vulgar people surround you. But in general... Yes. And I suppose each gender can be happy. Probably there are benefits to both genders.
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    • goajakeao

      Well said. I totally agree with you that being a female has much much more advantages and superior and the only time it's a disadvantage when uncultured and hooligan males surround you
      Otherwise it's better being a woman than being a man

    • goajakeao

      As a woman what's your opinion on males?

    • There's only one thing : men can ask women out, shower them with presents and affections. I think I would do great in that if I were male, but this way I can't. I must be still and passive for most part. And patient beyond measuring. No matter how you look at it, it's cheap and low if a girl does it. Here males complain so much on that and I think it's a blessing. Well, like I've said, each has it's own advantages. We shall appreciate each other and be happy with our roles and inner and outer advantages.

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  • Gwenhwyfar
    These are all physical things

    5 is not true

    7 is only if you’re hot (and even then you don’t always get the guy or girl you want)

    10 is true but pregnancy ain’t fun

    Just keepin it real dude
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    • “Low sex drive”, lol. Clearly he’s never even talked to a woman

    • goajakeao

      @DemonicOnTop well women at least don't show any signs of being horny or wanting sex or thinking about men/women sexually or masturbating as frequently as males do...
      Males are known as sex crazed horny pigs anyway... women stand nowhere near them

    • That’s still not true. They probably don’t show they want sex with you…cause they probably don’t.

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  • CrazyGirl2
    1) No, instead of just shaving the face, we get to shave both legs, pubes, and underarm some women need to EVERY SINGLE DAY! (And our razors are MORE EXPENSIVE)
    2) We don’t have to deal with thick corse body hair? You’ve obviously never had sex with men, it gets in our mouths… IN OUR MOUTHS!
    3) FEMALE PATTERN BALDNESS…Google it! Also alopecia. (the ignorance is shocking)
    4) HA! Men look sexy, distinguished, refined as they get older, and dispose of the old wife, for a much younger girl! Are you crazy? Women loose their job for getting old!
    5) You act like we don’t get every bit as horny as y’all do in teens, and then menopause! Deal with THAT and tell me you feel sexy, asshole!
    6) Aesthetically pleasing… TO YOU! Beautiful TO YOU MEN! To us, we happen to really love the aesthetics of the penis! Not to mention the incredible utilitarian design! To US, the vulva a disgusting mess of flaps and folds of skin, covering an organ which discharges constantly, sometimes foul, sometimes cheese-like. We wonder how the hell you lick it, let alone put those beautiful smooth penises in there?
    7) No, we can charm YOU STRAIGHT MEN! But that’s just because anything that is dumb enough to think the vulva is actually beautiful looking… is not difficult to charm!
    8) AGAIN… AESTHETICALLY APPEALING TO MEN! We LOVE the beautiful male body!
    9) HA! OK, until it isn’t for the very same reason! Hit 35, or have kids and you’ll see that it all becomes cellulite! I am getting the feeling you’ve never actually seen a woman naked, unless she was in porn, or playboy … or VERY young (which is SO disturbing)
    10) Yep! That truly is miraculous! It also destroys our bodies! I was hotter than hell before my kids! They used to call me “Dr Barbie” I was THAT cute! I hated being called that! Then I had my eldest, and I got fat! I’m an MD, I know everything that can bring a post natal body back to prenatal looks, but nothing worked! I wish I was still Barbie now
    Sir, you have a highly distorted, youth biased, ignorant and unhealthy view of the female body! You see the most beautiful women on earth, and behave like we ALL look like that! But for the girls who don’t.. body dysmorphia, anorexia, severe anxiety, and even suicide for the 98% of women and girls who don’t look like that, and NEVER will b/c of genetics! I haven’t even mentioned Menstruation, cramps, bleeding, yeast infections, & all the odors! You truly need to learn more about women, b4 u say u want 2b a woman
    ***Note, I gave this to my mother, a Medical Doctor, Fmr Afghanistan Combat trauma surgeon, currently the head of emergency medicine at the largest trauma center in our area ***
  • SecretsofKB
    I'm going to leave one thing here which I feel totally negates everything on your list...

    Period cramps.
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    • goajakeao

      This one thing negates EVERY other nice thing about being a female?

    • Yep.

      Also, not everything on your list is accurate anyways.

    • 💯💯💯

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  • Cherry234
    At least you don't have to deal with periods. You don't have to worry about bleeding every month
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    • goajakeao

      Is it so nice...
      Well as a male I have to worry about shaving my face on a daily basis
      Shave my whole body too... chest and back included... butt too
      Worry about thinning head hair
      Worry about erections
      Worry about being too horny most of the time and needing to ejaculate frequently

  • dustybiker
    Okay. I say all men have to be woman for an entire month. Anyone with this viewpoint has zero clue. The many different types of physical pain (most couldn’t handle), emotions, possible medical issues along with terrifying side effects, all aside child baring and birth.. and more. Woman can be hellaciously horny too.
    Wow your junk is in the outside and your hairy. Poor men. So not in the mood for these posts today. lol
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  • missrachh
    Men don’t have it harder than women, trust me. No periods, no childbirth, no denied rights, and the list can go on.
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    • goajakeao

      Well as a male I have to worry about shaving my face on a daily basis
      Shave my whole body too... chest and back included... butt too
      Worry about thinning head hair
      Worry about erections
      Worry about being too horny most of the time and needing to ejaculate frequently

    • kqueen

      why are you shaving your whole body? most men don't do that

    • @missrachh, You have a couple of points.. but on a larger scale, something most women don’t understand is men learn from a pretty young age, that ultimately society does not care about you. Your mental health, your physical health, abuse, harassment. There are very precious few men focused organizations for suicide prevention, depression, substance abuse, etc. You could be beaten to death in the street and you might get a new story blip, and then you’re forgotten.

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  • PralineCream
    Are you a troll?
    off the top of my head:
    - sexual harrassment
    - female biology
    - many women have hair issues due to hormones or ethnicity/bad genetics
    - Paid less
    - Being only valued for your looks and youth
    - less likely to orgasm
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    • Hopefully a troll. Otherwise mentally impaired.

  • Azura_88
    10th point is the worst!! Pregnancy is OVER OVER AND OVERRATED.
    It's the worst torture to happen to women.
    Your life drastically changes and you no longer have self identity. You get many permanent side effects like diabetes, high BP, forever sagged body, etc. Your body is altered and you might even die from labor pain. If you go for cesarean then you have a permanent scar with a weak spot. You can't do vigorous activities anymore.
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  • FinalFantasyBro
    I don't know what women you met but women do grow out beards plus some women do face baldness. While yes women can give life to new people by giving birth, they must also suffer from periods cramps and get incredibly fat in the process.
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  • BlackElph
    You should educate yourself more about women

    1. many women deal with coarse facial hair. myself included
    2. Again many women are hairy... like me.
    3. Correct for the most part. Our hair does thin though
    4. we usually cut facial hair but it will get gray
    5. Many women have high sex drives. myself included.
    6. true
    7. depends on the woman
    8. curvy yes. pleasing is an opinion
    9. Lotion... skincare
    10. true
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  • kqueen
    I mean this completely seriously but have you ever considered that you might be trans
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  • DarkWinterNights
    Well there is a reason women are referred to as the fairer sex. Better and fortunate is up for debate. Women definitely have female privilege when it comes to society though.
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  • Charliefretz329
    When are you going to get some of these things changed on your body?
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Women get hair on their body, they shave it out get it Lazer removed...
    Women's hair can thin, women can go bald, just doesn't happen as often or when it does they cover it with wigs
    Women get periods , cramping, bloating, bleeding.
    Women lose elasticity in their bodies faster than men..
    Women go through menopauseLook being either gender comes with it's ups and downs, but this whole "who has it worse" comes off as whiny school kid.. both genders would benefit if more people would empathize and show support for one another..
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    • Agreed. Also his focus on body hair and aesthetic appeal actually suggests he has a bit of dysmorphia going on, as does his claim that women have it better. In my view, the grass is always greener on the other side. Until very recently, woman had a role in society very similar to slaves. This is why in some countries still, rape is legally thought of as a kind of theft. That is to say, stealing the innocence of a man's daughter or wife. Marriage ceremonies reflect the this ownership aspect as well- most of that is rooted in Judaism, which passed on those ideas to Christianity and Islam. Recently there has been a "battle of the sexes" - men feel disenfranchised since women got the vote, and now can even choose who they want to marry from a larger pool. ("anti-white-slavery laws like the Mann act prohibited Black men from even sleeping under the same roof as a White woman - those laws finally were removed from about 12 different state constitutions in the late 1990s. Since then, many guys (especially white guys) have felt like they have been cheated, because they are no longer able to "cheat" in such a fashion) At the same time, the #MeToo movement does make things awkward- as men are still expected to be initiators in dating and physical contact. From what women tell me, they still see "asking for permission" as a sign of insecurity, which they don't like. But they also don't like it when a guy they don't like presumes he has permission. Guys are in a pretty tough place, then- we aren't mind-readers, you know.

    • @Moan_Chomsky I agree with what you said here. But so are women, don't have sex you're a prude, do have sex you're a slut, not marriage material blah blah

    • @Brainsbeforebeauty Agreed. Empathy for each other is very lacking. I will leave it at that.

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  • Flower7
    Just get rid of the face and body hair if you don't like it.
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    • Who would like being hairy bodied and face anyway , be it a male

  • lorenzomichael
    I love being a man. I'll admit the normal male body is Kinda ugly. but I can give a shit I love being with a woman who's loves being with a Man's man. And I for her. I don't know what the fuck your talking about kid. It's ok though.. No woman no cry.
  • 888theGreat
    They wink and don't get speeding tickets
    They can work or not work , men get judged if they don't work
    They can go naked places, guys get arrested
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  • invalid1
    I like that which you wrote 😂.
    Normally they all envy us, for what, I dunno.
  • Nazgol
    Not true. It has downsides, like dealing with periods, body image & having to remain skinny all the time, pregnancy & labour, highly emotional
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    • Nazgol

      Also not really being able to speak your mind and always having to watch watch you say so you don't come off as a b**, and being expected to repress sexual desires or else get called names

    • Nazgol

      *watch what

    • @Nazgol Men have many similar issues (aside from periods and labor). Men face enormous pressure to "succeed" and to suppress any emotions and weakness at all.

  • tatianamay
    Inaccuracy at its finest.
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  • Blackcupcake
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  • ElizaPam
    This is why I’m trans
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  • Hangry06
    Strong M to F transition vibes
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  • vald9inches
    Someone is going to transition lol 😂
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    • Totally. He might be surprised to discover it takes a shit ton more time, effort, skill and money to put on his makeup than it does to shave his face.

    • Yup lol i once had long hair down to my back and i can tell you it was a bitch to take care of! Lmfao don't know how you girls do it lol

  • gag2021
    I'll agree with #5
  • Anonymous
    What kind of BS have you been led to believe and by whom? The simple fact that you have never been a girl or will ever be a girl... leaves you with nothing to be able to even know how to compare with. It's actually a rather arrogant statement to even think that you even have a clue what it is like to be a woman.

    Why can't you just play the hand they were dealt? Look, if you throw your cards down and say that you don't like those, and you want to pick out your own cards... you are not welcomed to play at my table.
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  • Anonymous
    You only think this because your idea of "woman" is "hot woman."
  • Anonymous
    Being a woman is so much more better and fortunate kind of stupid shit is this
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  • Anonymous
    "As a male I personally feel being a female is so much more better and fortunate"

    Um... sure. Lmao
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    • Anonymous

      Look like QA has gone inactive. I'm sure she will be back again with yet another blue account.

  • Anonymous
    You shouldn't post things like this because it will anger all the feminists who keep using their victim cards.
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