What is the ideal body type for a man?

I know the cliche is "tall, dark and handsome," but please be very descriptive. Please mention all types youve dated that you found very sexy and were attracted to.

For instance, I like my women to be a little bottom heavy. Butts are better than boobs, but thighs are better than butts. Squats at the gym are important. Flat stomachs are ideal, but soft ones are okay too. Her height isn't as important to me I am 5'7 but I think tall women are sexy too.

So what body shapes of men did you date or find yourself attracted to? Please avoid cliche descriptions. Why did those features turn you on?

I am somewhat stocky at 5'7 and built but not puffy. Relatively flexible with nice midsection. My obliques are more defined than my 6 pack and my serratus anterior. Decent pecs. More on the pale side. Modestly handsome with Eastern European American face. Goofy smile. Strong torso, strong thighs and glutes. Penis is average length and circumference. Rounded shoulders and moderately broad frame.

What do you think? Or am I doomed to the short, pale, and not handsome curse?
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So I notice women are very specific about height. 6'0 and over is highly prefered, which is only about 15% of the male population even in the tallest countries. Talk about unrealistic expectations
What is the ideal body type for a man?
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