Girls, What does a girl mean if she told me to back off?

Okay there is this one girl i find attractive. Then suddenly one day I notice in my peripheral vision that when ever i get near her she is looking at me, almost staring but when i look she always turns away. So, i ask a friend to help me. I said to my friend that if i get near her look if she's looking at me. I stood near her for like 5 mins and my genius friend timed how long she was looking at me and to my surprise she was looking at me for almost 4 mins 30 sec.

So i started catching her if she's looking at me, then every time i look at her she always looks down and then to the side. Right then and there, i knew she likes me.

She and i have mutual friends but we don't really talk ( we don't even say hi ). While she was talking to my friends, I sneaked up on her then wrapped my hands behind her touching the other side of her shoulder, then i said "What's happening?". Then she suddenly made a scene pushed my hands to the side and said "Please don't ever touch me". I'm am also a shy guy so i felt really embarrassed. Now i'm the one avoiding her even avoiding my friends when she's with them.

I really liked this girl but that scene she made was a serious blow to my self-esteem. I don't know what to think. Does she really like me?
Girls, What does a girl mean if she told me to back off?
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