What does it mean if girl always texts me first?

She always texted me first and we talked for everyday for the past two months. she has been my friend for two months and she would always text me first but now she has stopped and we have not talked for three weeks. We are in the summer now so we don't see each other at school like we used to. What is going on? I like her and asked her out a month ago but she rejected me but she really wanted to stay friends so I agreed. So I decided after that since she rejected me I would stop texting her as much because there is no point in putting effort in because she already rejected me. I was humiliated but she continued to text me even when I told her I had feelings for her and wanted to take her out. I always thought it was a good sign she texted me first but for some reason she stopped. This is tough for me because my feelings for her are still there but I don't know what to do. If she never texts me again this summer, when we get back to school is she going to act like nothing happened? And to be honest I don't think I am strong enoough to say no to her and act like I don't like her anymore.
What does it mean if girl always texts me first?
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