Women love opportunistically (Unconditional love from a woman is impossible)?

-A woman's need is their love. If the man is sufficiently useful and her need is sufficiently great, she'll try to lock him into a commitment.

-Men love idealistically, we males do not NEED but we can still give love. The flaw with many men is that they believe that because they work hard they should get noticed and loved.

Think for a moment what women hate in men is want they themselves are. All of this comes from woman's NEED. Her love is her NEED for things in men.
-I hate needy men (Because I'm needy)
-I hate weak men (Because I'm weaker than men)
-I hate short men (Because I don't feel protected)
-I hate bitchy men (Because I'm a bitch)
-I hate broke men (Because instinctively need resources)

What should we take away from this? Men need to realize women are incapable of loving you they way you desire it. We men can love 50 women equally without reason... women can not do this. Women can not love 50 men equally. Women are designed to love the useful traits in men. When see NEEDS you she loves you, the moment you aren't needed is when she doesn't love you.

This is why on an instinctual level men HATE feeling not needed. Because without our utilitarian traits we can't be loved. The ONLY female that may show unconditional love is your mother who is instinctively meant to nurture you. Sadly most men grow up thinking all women are like their mothers loving and nurturing which is false.

Women will always be opportunistic, not loving and nurturing like mothers are. Only your mother will show unconditional love and will allow a son to be/show weakness.

Men you are alone because the love you seek from women doesn't existand never did exist. Her love is the NEED for your utility. She never really loved you for you. This is just the nature of reality.
Women love opportunistically (Unconditional love from a woman is impossible)?

Women love opportunistically (Unconditional love from a woman is impossible)?
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