Can a woman ever love you "Unconditionally"?

Can a woman ever love you Unconditionally?
Loyalty and friendship are concepts no woman can ever fully understand. It’s not deliberate, it’s in their nature—it’s evolution. A woman will unconditionally love her offspring only—if she is a good mother. Aside from this, women love conditionally and opportunistically. You can’t change that. But once you know it, you can act accordingly.

Consider the stone age; Men hunting during the dawn of humanity needed other men of the tribe to watch their backs during the hunt. That’s why men are naturally inclined to build strong friendships where loyalty is a real value. One weakness that stems from it is that men take things at face value. Especially with women. Only through their own experiences (both successes and failures) men learn to take what women say and do with a pinch of salt.
Can a woman ever love you Unconditionally?
I am convinced this is why female reasoning is based on emotions. By employing a flatulent burst of emotions, a woman most likely gets what she wants. This obvious manipulation is not necessarily a conscious decision, more likely it’s embedded in her nature. It follows that women are incapable of loyalty and friendship towards men, just as men are incapable of giving birth.

The reason people accept the existence of unconditional love script is childhood. Your parents loved you with all their hearts But your woman is not your mom. She is a fickle-minded person who’s most likely looking out for a prettier branch to grab right now.

When she’s madly in love with you because you are the man who rocks her world.

Keep being that man if she makes your life better, or discard her if she doesn’t. So, she loves you because you’re the best high-quality man she can get, but this sooner or later be subject to change. If at some point she feels she can get a man perceived as higher quality than you, her love for you will decrease exponentially. This is what we call conditional love—a woman’s love.
Ps -Feminists and manginas, its not to offend women. I'm discussing evolutionary point of view.
Women cannot love unconditionally. Its not in their nature.
Women can love unconditionally.
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Can a woman ever love you "Unconditionally"?
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